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Blood fox101
Just a girl.
I'm in love with Yuri (girl on girl)
I happen to be a lesbain deal with it.
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    Eden Nichole Thorn
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You should have a warning about not drinking anything when reading this page. I snorted my tea and it was painful, but worth it.
So lost in your thought you can hear someone calling your name for a few feet away. Yup been there
The first panel made me sad, but I got a good chuckle out of the second.
Poor hope. Having her daddy leave like that.
I love how you did the background sky. I'm a sucker for good backgrounds
This is my favorite picture so far, )even if there's not many to pick from) there is a certain determined look in their eyes I just love.
It did, I really like it :). The shadows on the guy in the background make it mysterious.
I find your Bulbasaur adorable in this drawing :)
Blood fox101
March 31st, 2011
I'm like 98% sure there's a hidden message in the question.
I'm glade I own the book. If i didn't I'd be dead from the wait.
I've had that happen to me before. It hurts like hell.
Whats the preep freaking out about blue hair? Blue hair is awesome.
go Gail!
Blood fox101
October 10th, 2010
present tense
I think you should go with present tense. But whatever you want go with. I'm sure all of us would love to read it no matter what you chose.
Ruth seems like a really great friend
Ruth reminds me of Tatsuki Arisawa from bleach.
Love your alice, So sooo cute.
I bought your book, Can't wait to read.
Love the comic.
Tevy Rocks!
GO TEVY!!! And I would lough till I craped my self then pull her off.