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I'm a freelance comics artist/illustrator currently living in Indiana, drawing every day.
Oops, I apparently forgot to upload to my mirror sites last week! Sorry!
Today's the day my partner leaves for Afghanistan. Here's hoping he has a safe trip and a stays safe and well while he's working there. ;__;
Welcome to Chapter 4! Let the misery commence!
This week's Guest Art is by the wonderful Lisa Payne, who has been a friend and supporter of my comics for many, many years!
Find her art at:
Happy New Year from Title Unrelated! Thanks for another great year!
Guest art by Elaine Will whose work can be found at
- This week's guest art is by CJ Joughin creator of the webcomic City of Cards - (Mature Readers)
This week's guest art is by Rev. Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz! (NSFW/Mature Readers)
Happy Holidays!
This week's Guest Art is by long-time reader Van!
Thanks so much!
winter sux lol
Beautiful Guest Art brought to you by the awesome Mangsney!
Please check out the artist's work at:
The end of Chapter 3! Please stay tuned for the next chapter beginning after a short break!
The 200th page of Title Unrelated!
@PokefanZ: Thanks very much! <3
Aw. This comic was super cute - I hope you draw more of it sometime! : D
Great work!
OMG his face in that last panel - I laughed so hard. XD
the creature was designed for me by:
That first panel almost killed me. x_x
TW: Blood/injury.