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Mist the Moonhunter
Generally go by Mr4Eva these days, but you can still call me Mist if you're an OG ;)
Been here since around 2008,
Don't actively come here much, but considering making a return as recently spriting has been of interest to me,
We will see I guess...
Thanks for dropping by anyway :)

Steam: Mistersouperhero
Skype: Kriimist
Discord: Mr4Eva#9912
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yeah not sure, not really in my style to do sonic stuff anymore but good to look back at roots and see where we come from :)
overwatch is the shit these days baby
Cool to jump back on smack jeeves for the first time in probably 5 years, and not actively being here for nearly a decade and @Shard is still making comics?
Good for you sticking with it when everyone left :P
@Reidy: I relate to you so much man, every couple of years I come back to smack jeeves it's funny to think about that we all used to be here working on sonic stuff all those years ago

You improved allllllllooooooooooooooot.
>Logs in for once
omg you're alive.
I thought you disappeared from the internet like everyone else. ._.
I like the colour and shade choice. However, the actual sprite itself seems pretty average.
The pants are especially noticeably bad. You've used for to dark shades and the creases in the pants seem far to indented due to the dark colours you used. Try reshading that in a different way to what you've used and try to avoid using the dark shade on the pants on the inside.
The heads spikes also appear to be misshapen and also look almost identical to Sonic The Hedgehogs despite the green/purple highlights.
Those expressions made me lol so much. ahahah
Drawing was already extremely average, but aside from that and the poor colouring you also did the text poorly it's pretty awkward to read when it goes over the drawings and panels.
Legs seem a little close together.
@AlphuhBoi: <3


That's because I don't really sprite. Way out of practice. Just posting because I very rarely do stuff because I still have the skill set when it comes to spriting.