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If any explanation starts with "Well, you see..." then you know it's gonna be bad. WHATISITWHATISITWHATISIT
Be careful with that Nyquil--that's some strong stuff! D:

BUTOMGYAYUPDATE! Dude, Heather better be careful. Momma keeps saying that, Heather's gonna get a complex. To look that crazy old lady? Forever? .__.
Not that I have anything against Fruitloop's momma. She's cool 8)

Take care of yourself!
Does he purposely search out trouble?! Someone needs to put a leash on that boy, I swear! On a side note, I absolutely love him (:
EEEE! Updates!
I'm so sorry to hear about your computer. I, too, know the recent woes of computer trouble.... Sometimes you just want to kick them, and other times you want to cuddle them and tell them they're such wonderful children to you.

Oh Fruitloop, you so silly with your crazy dreams. Then again, nicknames make all the difference. It's legit 8D

I found this comic recently and already I love it. I'm a sucker for over-exaggerated expressions. So far this comic is genius. Pure GENIUS! Please keep doing what you're doing... never stop the geniusness-ness-ness! <33
OMG! I squeed when I saw this updated. Even if it's not a real page, I'm still glad that you haven't dropped Overland. I know how it is with life taking over everything you want to do; it's entirely too frustrating. But I'm with Crazygirl132, I'll wait forever for Overland! :D
What could be worse than talking to inanimate objects? Inanimate objects that talk to you suddenly become animate...d?

Intense set-up is so intense! >:D
You have no idea what kind of huge happy you just gave me! I absolutely adore this comic. Mickey is just too darn cute! 83

Just tell him the truth, Mick! Tell him you're a crazy fiend bent on world domination with inanimate objects for your army! D8<
I'm so glad you're feeling better! Not only is seeing an update exciting, but knowing you're doing well is even better! Keep on truckin' 8D

*finds a corner to cry tears of joy in*