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just a random slightly metrosexual student :P who can't remember why hes called CATman4L
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    Alex just alex its not got a 'zander' or 'is' on the end
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okay that settles it next time i go to a convention i'm going as atticus :P i'm going to be forever looking for that jumper of his xD
<3.<3 dat 3rd panel.. just want to nom him
haha spelling :P
you do know that holy is from england right? we have mum here not mom (except for the midlands) so its either not that or she got the spelling wrong ^^
is it just me or does atty look like a lil kid now? XD
whats with the silance D: thats two pages now without anything being said, i'm worried. (also blindness ftw)
Good luck with the exams mate, i dont have any just a Ton of coursework xP
awww poor Lucazke :P nobody commented before xD
yaay i get a drawing on the site :P now just have the rest of the internet to conqour
@Lucazke Lawl a-hole >.< is that all you think about? :P... do you want more fanart i'm crap at drawing but whatever xD

Edit: oh yeh happy easter too
oh dick slap... once seen it can't be unseen
yay a hole :P why dont they have them in real life.

@Lucazke yay effort :P
All i can say is
need him to do this :P
yay lazyness, well then i might be bothered to read them :P
god i wish smoke was like that in real life, its annoying waiting at the bustop with loads of people smoking nearby.
i really like that you've got a drawing scheme and made it work really well, it may not be like some of the really flashy ones but it defiantly stands out. plus i agree that pink balloon is awsome xD
haha now you know you are gonna have to go back and color all of them once your done ;)
lol at least atty realizes thats not something your meant to do thats more then i can say for most people
:D yay energy!!!... i need to sit down now.
yayness i feel happy being a fan for half that time xD and i didnt give up on you when u stopped... because a cba to delete it but still the same ;D
lol luv att's face on that last panel its just screaming help me XD