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By looking at my profile, you already think I'm the greatest comic drawer on Smackjeeves. And I don't blame you. Lol. No.

I am the author of the well-known popular best-selling Pokemon XDegree comics that you love.
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Yay, I am glad you like it :]
Yay! Thank you Secret Santa! Cool use of the Xmas-y colours too :D
Old fan what? Wigglytuff what?
Welcome back! :D
Oh good! I was able to update :D
I've also been working a little on the Characters Page if you want to have a look.

Poor Ninetales. Guess Jill is out of the competition now. That's a shame. Did Jimmy deserve the win?
Added you too! :D
Eightails of the Ninetales :>
This comic is great! Can't wait for more :)
I get to be fan number 50 :D
I'm Back! Sort of.
Hey people.

Sorry for the year long absence. This year, I entered Year 12 of School, which is like the final and most important year of schooling in Australia. That's enough to be away from updates right? Anyways, Exams have started and the next three weeks will be my intensive study period but I decided to upload today because one of the major exams is done; English. Also, Pokemon X and Y are out so yea, though this comic started before Pokemon Black/White so :P

Anyways enjoy the new page, I hope to wrap the chapter up soon.

Will Sandslash hit?
Touch the orange square smiley on your 3DS Home screen and it should appear on your card :]
Ermahgerd it's the EZWheels! :D
What's the ups?

Incorrect Friend Code DDD:
Hey Guys,
So I finished Pokemon X and now trying to build up my team. Wigglytuff and Vileplume are my strongest two but theres an empty slot for a Dewgong I can't get :<

Mine is 3652-1283-8186

Comment with yours ok? Laaa~~~!

New Page soon.
There are a few gen 4 (better looking) sprites in here. You are forgiven :>
April 7th, 2013
I don't know who Penn is but that sure looks like Finn.
Gen 3 Sprites? Ew.
Will keep an eye on though.
Two updates in one week? Lucky you! :D
Not only did you get a Special Page, you get a second update! Hmm...maybe just an early update since I don't know if I can draw one up before Monday :P

Anyways, guys, I really need your help!
So I've just conquered the Celestial Tower or whatever and going to face Skyla soon. But before that, I want to know, SHOULD I INCLUDE A JOLTIK OR TYNAMO IN MY TEAM? So far I have 4 Pokemon in my team, a starter (Servine Level 28) I had to lug around and a Fly slave (Tranquil). My Swanna, Sawsbuck and Audino are all at quite a high level at around 38 with Lilligant just a little behind. I need to add 2 more Pokemon in my team and right now, I'm looking at Joltik/Tynamo, Litwik and even Solosis. So yea, two more spots to make a complete team, who should they be?

Sandslash disintegrated, that's the only explanation!
Audino is surprisingly well, considering I spent hours grinding that little shit until it could actually hurt something. Secret Power and <strike>Bitchslap</strike> Doubleslap do nice damage while its defenses are good too.
But we all know, the inferno of a Ninetales is X Degrees hotter ;]
The Special Page I was talking about is HERE!
A Full Page Ninetales Inferno Attack.
There is only so much I can think of when deciding Ninetales' pose and the fire shapes. I could have been a lot more epic. Happy April (Fools) and ENJOY! :D

I would incredibly concerned if I were Sandslash right now.

Oh! Also, yesterday I bought Pokemon White. A couple years late I know but, I'm up to the 5th Gym, Audino and Lilligant my strongest Pokemon right now at around level 30. Need to complete the games before X and Y are released :D
It's the full-page part minus the explosions! :D
@Dark Rayquaza
You found him! :D
I don't know what a Q&A is, but I don't think the characters are THAT well developed yet, if its what I think it is. I love for the story to go on :]
Does this mean no more colour pages? :'(
Awww yea! Somewhat consistent updating!
Don't miss the next page. It's going to be SPECIAL :D

@The Bomb Master
Believe it bro! :D
I'm loving this comic with the unique characters and storyline interpretation.
Keep up the good work :]
Loving this so far.
Good to see Red and Chell's bond is getting stronger.
Keep it up :)
Whee! An update :D
Not going to explain this one, for it might be a few more months for the next xD
(I kidd)
Oh! Also, I know it's March but I've updated the Artwork section with some awesome looking Secret Santa art gifts I've received over the past 2 years. Check it out :D

The Fox is ANGRY!
TOTALLY stealing that one for a future use! :D
Characters from readers was something I attempted to increase the fan base. Characters weren't even going to have a major role in the story, just a tiny appearance.
This picture is heaps cute <3
Thank you Secret Santa!!!
I've actually thought a sleepy under-the-tree picture with these characters once before. Awesome you're able to draw a picture similar to what I was thinking about doing in the future :D