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End of chapter 3
And with this page we reach the end of the third chapter. Now we take a few days off, and Orphans will be back next month.

Coming soon: Orphans #4 - Cruelty and The Beast

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End of chapter 2
And with this page we finish the second chapter of Orphans. We'll be on holidays for a few days, and on Orphans will be back on September with our third troubled teenager, Lita.

Coming soon: Orphans #3: "Drawing Goblins"

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First issue complete!
With this page we reach the end of our first issue of Orphans here on SmackJeeves, originally published on paper (as a fanzine) on June 2002, and which we hope you've enjoyed as much as we did making it.

Remember that you can send your opinions and suggestions here, or by e-mail:
I hope you get back to drawing man, we really liked it!
Thanks! We'll keep it up!