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You want a description huh? WELL YOU AIN'T GONNA GET ONE SUCKA!

Wait... wouldn't that kind of count as a description... CRAP.
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Huh. They're actually agreeing on something. Welp. Nothin' like beatin' up webcomic authors to get kooky couples to get along.
Would that make Aphrodite the girl with the seven exes?
Artemis reminds me of... sailor moon.
Hmm. This is quite the interesting relationship to watch.
For some reason... I'm kind of scared by the guy with the hat having a worried look instead of his usual expression.
It should be rather simple. He, unlike her, isn't nearly cruel enough to do that to someone else, no matter how much they freakin' deserve it.
Hip hip hooray to a whole year, and two weeks!

*Steals Hephaestus' welding mask and runs*
Woo! Go man go! You raise your voice at her! Don't forget the dramatic pointing! Perfect!
...Aphrodite is a very spiteful person, ain't she?
Huh... ya know... from the perspective of an outsider, with absolutely no freakin' idea of ANY major details... LIKE HOW THE GIRL FEELS... Aphrodite kinda makes sense.
... Huh. Flying pigs. Don't see those often.
Androgynous is right! I thought it was another gender bender drawing from the preview!
I'm getting a veeeerrry bad feeling about that Kole thing.
Oh, this is gonna be good! Time to see some Hero on Zombie action! ...Well that came out wrong.
How does he always know? Does he have escapee senses?
Well... this is bound to be entertaining.
I'm guessing these questions are from personal experience.
Hehe... Nice pun.
I just love the horse's bored expression. I don't think he really cares much for what's going on.
It must be very hard to see properly, having those markings in his eyes.