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so, let me get this straight. Porfino IS a man, right?
Oh, i do love porkeymen heroes! FAVE!
Yay! whoopee! i love this comic. and your back. i see that with no pressure, your art looks fantastic.
January 14th, 2007
"ideas are for the weak" heehee. faved. so much.
Aheheheh....this looks well done. nice textboxes. once you churn out a couple more, ill fav it.
heh. that's what heppend at EB games near my house.
dont know whwre it's going, but...i still loike it.
i know it's just building up to something, but man, those effects look awesome. nice tones for the black and white, too!

in conclusion...i love it!
uh? funny? ill say lol for randomness but that's a straaaange monkey.
enlarge the text boxes...i dont understand whats going on cuz i can't SEE what their saying.
okie dokes. look interesting. fav'd for sure, y'dig?
lol. one of my best friends has a lisp. just constructive critisism, try to use proportions. your characters look abnormal.
fight scenes groovy. and the blue guy really has an overactive imagination.
eheheh. extra from kill bill. that's a joke. i get jokes.
September 19th, 2006
ah. my mistake. i was under the impression this was a "gag a strip" comic. my mistake.
makes sense. can't wait!
When are you going to update it? that's what you lucky manga people get, instant fans. sprite comics like mine are just shoved to the side because they are a bajillion awful ones out there.
haha. cool.
oooh. banner and new comic...this isn't SO bad. it's actually turning out to be pretty groovy. faved.

look at my comic AD AD AD.

or not, if you dont wanna.
oh crap! the artwork is be---ut--if--ul!
i can tell this is gonna be worthwhile. faved....

P.S good luck.