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Oh oh oh, Blush! <3
He is being nice because he thinks Haru loves him, right? xDDD
If that's it, how cute.
In animeland being hot is a requirement for a seme, dear Haru.

Hope you enjoy your trip and please draw a lot <3.
This keeps getting better xD
You got him, Haru! <3
This plan WILL totally backfire. It's Haru's.
Haru's cousin is cute <3
Just be yourself and let him get in your pant, Haru. Then love will blossom.
Any Haru is a cute Haru but a sleepy one looks specially cute <3.
Have fun in the Netherlands! <3

Shiratori is hawt, no more to say.
Sequel? THOU MUST.

Haru is just so cute, I wanna take him home Rena style.
Daily uptades = epic win
I bet Shiratori doesn't like sweets xD he is more of a Black coffee guy. Anyway, a date is a date <3, You go Haru!.

The animation is just illegally cute, I already saved it 8D. You should make a Wallpaper of something, I will totally use it.
Shiratori doesn't approve your sparkles, Haru.

Well, The bet is practically over, right? Personally I'm intrigued with what will happen after it (Maybe Tori will start getting lonely/jealous 'cause Sparkly boy stop trying to get in his pants?).

The "I love you" was totally tricky xD How evil!
Love confession y/y? <3
Ouch, Hiratori!
Oh well, remember kids: A harsher Tsun-Tsun always means a bigger Dere-Dere. Just keep fighting, Haru <3.