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Uh, loves anime/manga, especially yaoi? LOL

Has a deviantart account as well.

Is very confused...:D

EDIT*** I have a new deviantart and new name:
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I must have no restraint then. lol Cuz I totally would have gone for it. I am a terrible person. *laughs* Can't wait to see more!
ASDFGHJKL; OPTICAL ILLUSION IS THROWING OFF MY ATTENTION SPAN. xD -scrolling page up and down in amusement-

...ahem, ok ADHD moment over. D: And we come closer to the truth of Zadel and Abel's past! -gasp- Unless you wanted to troll and flip to another scene. -shot'd- xD
Again? What do you mean again?? Tell MEEEHHHHH!! \(o3o)/ asdfghjk, getting a head of myself here. lol
September 3rd, 2012
Well, how many Koala's do YOU see in manga genres? :T Haha, how can I forget? xD
Zadel, why are you so shocked? xD Did you not want Abel to find out? (dammit, I keep typing Albel because of Albel from Star Ocean 3 xDD;;)
Driving Zadel crazy? Abel is driving ME crazy! :I He makes me want to pace the room!
asdfghjkl; You're such a damn tease when it comes to me being a zadel x abel fan. D:
Gotta look good for Abel man. :l
@lovelessbutterfly: Yeah, that might be a horrible innuendo coming from me since I'm a guy. :B

Pfft, I think I'm the only impatient one here. lol That and ever since I got back from a convention, I've had an undying urge to draw sex scenes... ._____.

XD That's because naughty things are being done to him! And it's his uke disposition in general that makes him look so, well fuckable. *runs away* >////<
Dicks- okay, now that I have your attention
Was feeling a bit art blocked lately and decided to do a little extra for all of you. With all of my horrible penis love. XD

It's about time I do something with these two. Driving me nuts, so uh, yeah, here's some good ol reading. -brick'd-
asfghjkl ;A; You will be missed! Well, nah I actually understand why Jacob did it and I don't side with either. To me, it just seems like one big misunderstanding.
OHOHOH~ the deed is done! So, any witnesses? Or just guilt ridden angels? XD
Can't wait to see what trouble and jealousy THIS will cause! XD
Zzzzz...uh oh oh yeah...XD
The eldest can't remember his name due to it being 1 o'clock in the morning. XD;;; Whoops. um, yep next page will be the awaited father/son meeting with Prince Kyoto and his mysterious father! I wanted to show how much of a creeper Tatsuki's big brother is for some reason. How does he know about Tatsuki's plan's to meet Kyoto's father? In due time. I'm gonna sleep now. Sorry for being late. U_U My summer classes just ended.
Surprise Update!
There, I think I shaded it better this way. :) Had to figure out how I would make this work without having to color it, but my updates are faster if I do it like this. lol

O_O 2 updates in one week? Maybe more. lol Depending on how I feel. Basically, I feel like drawing more the more people leave comments. Dunno why. It motivates me. *shrugs*

I still have 3 commissions to finish up, but I can work on this in between commissions. Gives me a nice break. Also, thinking of making an ask me tumblr with my characters...Hmmm....
@Cheshire_Cat'semocuts: I haven't updated in a while, but thanks to your comment, I decided to update today. :)
A lot has happened these past months. I had to move again. =_= Because I was kicked out by my ex-roomate. Then a bunch of other crap happened and ugh I digress. I moved on to a new dA as well.

To get rid of an ex-friend who is a creepy stalker and likes to spy. :l

Oh, yeah...sorry for no real color or lining. It's basically sketched out. I would have more time to write this comic if it were this way so this is going to be how I do it until I get to smutty parts or parts I think will be better if I just paint a background. XD Those pages take me a while to do, so that's why.
I like the old hair better. o3o
Woo hoo~! More~! Love ya for this. ^^
D: I owe you guys some pages!
I feel guilty about not posting for a while. >_<; I've been extremely sick as of late, one in which wouldn't go away for a couple weeks now. U_U I needed anti-biotics so I wouldn't die. O_o; I'm ok now that the worse is over. Hopefully, I can keep up with it with work and school going on.

Edit* Mm, yeah, this page was lazily drawn, sorry about that. D: I kinda wanted it to be done with since I kept passing out working on it for the last two weeks. I also stupidly wiped out my orignal script when I was drawing this page and couldn't remember what I wrote. >>; So I made up this convo right before I uploaded it. *laughs nervously* That's why doing layers is a bitch. Accidental fuck ups.

Info* Tatsuki has two brothers. Tatsuya is the younger brother. He is also the leader of the secret ops group for Drakensgaurd and highly against compromising with the other kingdom because he believes in the idea of taken by force.