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Crazy prog rocker furry from West Michigan.

Oh yea, and Jesus. He's cool and stuff.
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    Spike Reynolds
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@Wolfie_Inu: Burning a house down would concern me less than a wet truck interior.
LOL that guy is a man after my own heart. I'd be losing sleep about the window being open in an alternate reality.
Bout time, eh?
Aand were back.
Is that the Flo I think it is?
Jeez. I feel awful now. 4 Months of no updates? Shame on me.
Bit of an update
So, seeing as how my week runs Sunday to Thursday now, midnights, I'm moving Guardian Angel's updates to Saturday morning at 2-5 AM.
Every Tuesday, for the most part. Missed this Tuesday cuz life got in the way.
That's Right Kiddos
I'm back.
This one has some bloody scenes. Forewarned is forearmed.
Bit of news...
As long as I can keep getting myself in gear, this is gonna be a weekly gig. Every Tuesday. :3
New comic
Hope you all enjoy.