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Right now I'm working on Off-White... Gunned Down will be rebooted in the... eventually. That's my hobbies.
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Great question
Douche bucket is now my favorite thing to call peoples...
Are we sure Kerwin isn't me?
But he's a romantic. I got your back Kerwin.

Even if that's creepy...
...what about hot coals again?
It's like you knew I wanted this.
I think I have a new favorite...
I really need to start over... I'm completely lost.
Looks great tho.
The world didn't end and YC is back. Screw you Mayans.
@Cave: Best sound effect ever!
@Cave: I love exposition...
If I could have a whole comic of exposition I would.
Shading a little differently... thoughts?
@Cave: Very excited to see what happens with the new flashlight! It's the death star of flashlights isn't it?
@TaK-o: Good old' biff tits!
Was originally going to hold off and post this one after I drew a few pages more... But I was kind of excited to put it out there. This is the first page I drew entirely in the tablet. Whatcha think guys?
In the process of fixing the nighttime pages. making it actually look like... night

From this point...
I have edited every page from the above link to the current posting to make it look like nighttime... so actually getting it look right is nice right?
@Cave: That's my motto...
Waiting on Young Cannibals to come back. DO IT!
edited this one differently... tablet drawn from the next page on...

Also not the first time someone in this comic has been on fire... him-anyway/

Also Check out the book 1 cover