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Fire's profile:

I'm the younger sister between us two person... Since I made this profile , I have the right to put my profile first...

You don't need to know me...
I'm a secretive person...but I'll tell you a little about me anyways....

Gender: Female
Birthday: 13th of January
Hobby: Browsing the internet , watching anime , reading manga , drawing/doodleing , reading , and others.....
Loves: Iruka-sensei, Kakairu, Cats , online comics , manga/anime , yaoi, Iruka sensei , BL, Iruka Sensei , shounen-ai and others that is not important...
Hates: Homophobes , cockroaches , Pink, skirts

That's all people!!
If there's a comic I'm making I'll put it here but since I'm still learning (is really weak at making comics) I won't put it here YET...

Ice's Profile:

Gender: Female
Birthday: 14th of January
  • Real Name
    Fire and Ice (just call us ally)
  • Age
  • Gender
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Am I the only one who is seeing the imageshack yellow frog? o__o;;
There she goes, thinking up harsh (but justified) things, with an eyebrow showing at a time.
i just noticed... the pearls change colour according to his moods o__o
:D hiii I'm the person who asked for this comic at your dA and commented on the request pic thing.

Anyway since you asked me to comment, I read this from start and I say, I love how your drawing change subtly, to the better yet looks like it doesnt change much at all...
Your sketch on this page is so clean btw, better than mine by a whole lot.
The story is good too, though I'm pretty sure the ending will make me sad ;w;
Well... i can't pick really... but MYth: A Promise interest me the most.

I mean.. I wanted to see how Zeus and Hades's relationship looks like before Zeus started to... be like his adult self.

My second choice is MYth: Eternal Gift tho
Nice page... but I'm afraid the screentones are a little bit TOO dark.

The one you use to tone the skin is fine though.
Blondie's a vampire shark! 8DDDD Lookit all those teeth *o* This is the blondie at the 1st page and whatever, yes?

I love the upside down cross btw. Srsly nice detail plz. I wonder what happened to Mr.Bunny thing. Ogawd, it's the return of those green eyes *w* ♥♥
;w; ogawd I missed this comic ;w;
I even bookmarked it for future ref... and I'm glad I did because I always forgot to watch the comic >w>

Hope you'll continue anytime soon...
I should request a backround tutorial from you... and I will


... backround tutorial..?


I can see the last panel before it happens once I see the 3rd panel O.o;; Maybe it's the creepy full straight row teeth exposed smile...
*laugh hysterically*

Dear god...
After the first time reading this page, i cant bear to do it again or I'll die laughing... so I keep looking at Keith's face for hours... (srsly) ;w;

oh Keith, you are clueless... Why are you being dead serious about friendship like that!?

I swear the only way of anal sex he knows is the 'animal style'... and it's the uncle's fault! DD8 did his parents ever gave him the 'bird and bees' talk btw..?
if you have photoshop you could always just use layer copy then Gaussian(?) blur in the filler tab, and lover the ocapacity down... >w>

ohmaigawd emo time!!
ok... since Keith is home schooled... does that mean his family's rich or something? or maybe he have a sickness when he was young? WHY AM I MAKING A HISTORY FOR KEITH!?
I would fall in love with you just for updating this comic. srsly. ;w;

vamp!girl's shocked eye is win. and wheeee Bard's playing swing on the tree!! (lol parting the branches made it look that way)
lol Top Gear! I love that show~! I rather be watching Top Gear too ;w;
I face palmed too... Keith... you're so... dumb and naive and cute and gdhdvhav... ;w;

If Keith got raped one day... I'll be crying tears of joy... At least he won't be such a naive person anymore..? *headdesk*

I'm going to rock myself in the asylum like I said in my comment last page now kthnxbaaai
. . .
That's just blunt and truthful...
i would rock myself insane on my bed if Keith didn't get that.
lemmie guess... she ate the fruit/underworld food? ;A; or is she just have a plain god level sickness >.>
Soyo is extreme bipolar O.o;; but at least she's cute when she smiles! 8DD
figures the queen is up to no good... but I didnt expect the bowmen... O.o;;
You used a new style for David's hair?
Lemmie see... I noticed David's hair all more wispy like and has less shadows... but it looks better now cause less shadows made it seem tamer and softer... Like it's been recently washed and shampooed and not clumpy and oily :) not that it looked oily before >.>

But then again it's just my opinion


Flower shoujo screentones says: *giggles like a devoted 'tame' fangirl stalking her fav person who is on a date* (those kind of fangirl who is just happy looking at their fav person being cutesy)