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Dark Blood End
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That Slaking is a really pain. In my Nuzlocke, after two Vital Throws from my Hariyama it used Counter. The damn thing was so close to dead and the very next turn Norman used a god damn Hyper Potion!!!

Yeah, I was kinda pissed/shocked/almost screwed...
Please, please, please tell me they're gonna use magic to bring back Poe.
Yes, Pokemon's still a thing.
Please tell me I really do see GIR,Pop-Eye, and a Sonic-chu.
I'm surronded by assholes...
Heh, ludicrous speed.
I only get the skyward sword and TF2 costumes. Oh well, it's still epic.
Am I the only one that that of Majora's Mask in the last panel. I may just have Zelda on the brain.
Are Green Link and Zelda supposed to look like something's happening that is usally reserved for bedrooms?

aka: Bow-chica-wow-wow
But neither of them act like Orochimaru from Naruto. Lord "What's-his-face" does.

For the record I do believe that Skyward Sword is better that Skyrim. but if we combine them...
@ Djoing & The_mad_one: What's that thing in the first panel that says "Not my doing"? Wily's holograph projecter from the end of MM2 maybe?
My reaction
Awww, we aren't going to see any others? Well, at least I hope you got a kick out of reading our questions. Though, couldn't you show us the answers after you beat the game? Anyway, It's your decision, just promise us you'll do another nuzlock. Plz?
Well, I read that in one sitting. My conclusion? This comic is freak'n EPIC. It's funny, exicting, and it promises a little *wink wink* in the future.

Can't wait for the next update!
Tony > Helen

In any way shape or form.
Was bored so I looked through the cast on the new site (it's epic btw).

Is Helen's middle name "Sliver"?

This also explains why Helen thought he rconized Tony.
There you go! That's how you'll get people to switch!

Anyway, love your comic!
To Layton: Did you ever have an assistant named Luke?

To Oh Gosh: Will you do another nuzlocke after this one?

To everyone: How do you plan on celebrating your victory over the Elite Four?

To Gloria: ASL?
So let me get this right. The first comic in over a month, is an ad for another comic? That's a bit screwed up.
So N flew to Kanto in the end of Black and White? Or did Black and White never happen? Does this mean we will see 5th gen pokemon?

Wow, I ask a lot of questions...
Don't worry, the wild Caterpie just "fainted."
DT's thoughts:

Challenge Accepted