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January 2nd, 2011
Holy S
A few chapters ago I was thinking that things might end differently for Baron von Fuckthingsup because he was just So. Fucking. Clueless that he had to be learning something, right?

Guess not.


Homeboy is toast. Looks like someone will be getting a new hammock space in the budroom very soon. That face is HILARIOUS and reminds me of Dr. Seuss characters...specifically, the Grinch.

MakoGrinch and her boobs are going to make him pay..I'm cringing in advance.
October 12th, 2010

September 26th, 2010
Happy cake day, Frizzy!
So you're not 12 anymore. So what. You're like...13 right? Just wait until you get gray hairs in abnormal places like, um, maybe some may know...*mumbles*

Oh. Oh Minako. As my close personal friend Tim Gunn would say: "This concerns me." Is she modeling the finest in Tokyo Hooker-Wear? Did she buy that at with Zoi's gift certificate? Does she have to run to her second job at Club Naked Lady or something? Is that a LEASH around her neck??? EEEEsh.

This might have worked for BoobiesYAY! Neph, but Kunz would be crazy if he didn't run like his heels were on fire and his ass is catching.

And I LOVE that the background animals are all gawking O_O

This date is going to go...poorly.
September 21st, 2010
I can think of only two possibilities.

One, that she's wearing something so utterly ridiculous that he's stunned speechless.

Or two: she's wearing practically nothing and he's stunned speechless.

Or both. something is up. WHY CAN'T IT BE NEXT WEEK ALREADY!!

And LOL at the entire place gawking at him!

Like the previous poster, I'll add that I like the pencil drawings too. Actually you could draw these as stick figures on napkins and I'd still love the hell out of them. But yeah, the pencils give it some character, not that I don't also love the clean look of the line drawing. Basically I just want more so FEED ME!!!
September 14th, 2010
I concur with one of the posters who thinks that Kunz needs a Hot Date Hat.

Yes. A million times yes.
September 14th, 2010
Dangit it was Marilyn! (clocks)
OH NOES!!!!!! RUN KUNZ! RUUUUN! No time for shower...just whore-bath it! Borrow a Black Turtleneck and Green Jacket (or not, as both of those clothing items are dating dealbreakers) and have Mamoru drive you over on his crotch-rocket!! IT'S YOUR ONLY HOPE! GOOOOOOOOOO!

I LOLed at the expression on the faces, the FLUMPs, and Jadeite being a little pissy teenager. And whatever comes next is sure to be epic; I can't wait!
August 11th, 2010
For some reason...I DON'T BELIEVE THAT IT'S ENDYMION! It's an imposter! It's a trap!!! Kunzite, run!!!!!!

Or you know, he's been smoking those flowers :)
August 11th, 2010
Feild mouse pudding
The out-of-focus blur is just fucking INCREDIBLE, Frizzy! Every time I think you can't get any better, you outdo yourself! This is seriously beautiful.

And since I own a dirty mind, I can't wait to see who bangs first in the budroom. Or if the budroom actually uh, produces buds one of those days. Hey, it's a plant! I'm sure it flowers...somehow...if people would let it grow to that point.

But mostly who gets laid in the budroom first.

EDIT: HA! I just got the text on the comic panel! Oh Neph! I love that glorious bastard!

That is...that is fucking incredible. I can't's just...holy shitstain.

Is it terribly wrong of me to wish that you didn't have to go to university or to work or whatever so that you'd have nothing but spare time to draw?
Saffir don't scare Jade or your next task is going to be cleaning the stains off the couch, jeez :P

And hooboy...shit's about to go down! I can tell! And bich, please..whenever you want to update shit is fine by us! I love FKH so much that I'd wait slightly over a week to see an update. but no more than that!
Oh my.

Oh my God.

Did they just....I uh...holy fucking shit!! DYING LAUGHING! The pansexual aliens just Got Some with her PARENTS. And everyone's facial expressions! HA HA HA!!!

I knew a long time ago (probably on the first freaking page when Jadeite proposes the sexathon) that decorum was going to be thrown out the window, and I knew right then that I would fucking LOVE IT. And I DO. HO SHIT. Her PARENTS just had GROUPSEX with the ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<3 <3 <3 <3

I love everyone's faces! I love the disheveled clothing and Shingo frothing at the mouth! I love that the aliens just kind of added a "Ha Ha ha!" at the end, like a footnote! OH MY GOD Ail's shirt is on backwards AND inside out!! And what I love most of all? The fact that they have these shit-eating grins on their face of pure satisfaction!!

This is what 4KH needed: between everyone getting cockblocked left and right, someone at least is getting some!!


PS: where are the babby aliens???
"Except breasts, for some reason."


This is actually a great revelation for Neph to come to, although I'm sure once he gets an eyeful of the Sacred Titties, all reason and logic will go out the window and he'll start talking with his dick again.

Now what is he going to compliment her on?

Her cooking?
Her ninja asskicking skills?
Her Jerkpot?

Nah, I have a feeling it's going to be the titties!!!

Should have just bought her some jewelry, dumbass! And is he double parked? Is Diamond giving him a ticket RIGHT NOW??? XD XD

Also, I failed to mention that I love how he claims he's tried "everything" when in fact he's tried ONE thing, and that's being a creepy perv. I guess he doesn't have much else in his toolbox!
Also, Jadeite...
FUCKING CALL FOR BACKUP! You've got 5 1/2 guys back home that I'm 75% sure would drop everything to duel with a yo-yo. Well, depending on what's on TV, I guess.
Oh Grand Emperor, the figures in this one are just super fantastic! Everyone is so PRETTY!

Ho shit homeboy almost got decapitated by a Yo-Yo. He'd never be able to live that down!

I hope your having fun because I am on this end with this comic! (MOAR NEPH + TITTIES)
Re: Spirit's post
You know, I'm almost hoping that the Jerk Pot wins and gets its own comic.

Almost. It would be a damn unsexy comic, though.
Hey Jade, you know what's in that bag?


Good luck, bro. You'll need it!
I don't know whether to be scared or high five the guy. That is one short skirt.

Rei is gonna be so pissed. ><
I KNEW he was full of shit from the first panel! His first day he looked ready to off himself.

God, Mamoru, your clothes. Your. Clothes. I thought that Zoi got rid of that sartorial monstrosity!

:O I'm all excited now to see what happens in Part 72...I mean, by all accounts, Rei *should* just punch him in the nuts and leave him bleeding, but I have a feeling that shit is going to start happening, and soon, and it's about to get uh, sexy.

I'm got my fingers crossed for you Jadeite! Now don't do/say anything stupid!! Keep your eyes on her face! Don't act like an idiot! Make sure that OTHER GIRLS SEE YOU TWO and GETS HER JEALOUS. Otherwise, it's back to riding the pine for you!
Draconicsoul: I'm pretty sure the count is now:

Kunzite: 2
Diamond: 0
Mamoru: -50

And I THINK our sexy wifebeating Cold-as-mofo-ing-ICE king has a bit of a crush! Or something!

I'm subscribing to the Usagi school of thought, which is that Demando and Safir aren't necessary evil anymore (no black moon thingies) but he still carried over a bit of the crazy and maybe doesn't understand that in this world, Murder is Bad mmkay. It's like...a period of adjustment or something. At least I hope, because I kind of want to see him facedown on a bartop sobbing out his innermost feelings to like...Nephrite or someone, while they pat his shoulder and reassure them that they are not ugly losers and that there are other fish in the sea.

OR Mamoru filling that role XD "Hey man, chin up. It's cool, you know...they'll be other girls, and um. Hey wait, you're moping about my wife D:< NM, FU!"

Also another vote that I'm dying from the pretty! The muscles! the faces! The hair! V want!!! And HAAA...yeah go to bed Demando. Save the crazy for later.
I gots this, Frizzy!
The tissue box at the foot of Mamoru's bed. When jerking off anywhere that's not the shower (bed, couch, computer desk whilst browsing porn), a cumrag is essential for easy cleanup. Tissues are the easiest and disposable. Other, more disgusting male homo sapiens will use stuff like: socks, old tshirts, new tshirts, towels (designated 'cum towel') napkins, paper towels, wet wipes for them fancy folk, sheets, or the cat.

Or Makoto's boobs.

So essentially, Mamoru has a tissue box near his bed to cleanup his Princely Spooge that he's undoubtedly blowing every night because he can't touch Usagi's hand at this point without hyperventilating.

This has been Masturbation 101 brought to you by V and Frizzy.