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Um... um... Procrastination! *end description here*
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Aw, thank you! ^^ It's so well drawn, and the chibi is absolutely adorable!
Yes! I'm so glad to be rid of that hood!

*Gasps* And his true intentions are revealed! ... Sort of.
I don't really have any serious issues or comments on this page, except that I definately like the pencil shading + pen shading much better than just the pen. It just looks a whole lot cleaner.

Oh, and Anaki's just plain awesome to draw. XD
... Crap, I didn't even notice that. @_@ And I did it with the snapping hands too... how careless can I get?
It's a new font! Hurrah! Hopefully this one's a bit more readable. XD

The characters in this comic seem to have this weird thing for smiling like complete mademen... of course, the majority of the characters in this comic ARE complete madmen, so I suppose it's fitting enough.
I think I'm going to switch to shading in both pencil and pen in the page after the next one. It turned out really well when I was experimenting with it in the first panel of this...

Anyways, sorry for the god awful feet. >_<

Also, the pants aren't a bad attempt at censorship. They're, oddly enough, a plot point.
Nah, the Devil's a woman. XP

He's Azrael, the angel of death. Although... in this story he's not quite an angel.
November 23rd, 2007
And then I come across another comic of extremely high qualiy, both in art and story, that doesn't have nearly as many fans as it deserves... SJ seriously disappoints me sometimes.

In any case, at least now you can count one more. ^^
Good art, Great story, and characters that don't suck... I believe this deserves a fav. ^^

Also, I gave you some critique on your Self Promotion page, in case you're interested in looking at it.
Hm, this looks interesting. The text is a bit too hard to read at times, but besides that, it seems to be off to a pretty nice start. I think I might fav it. ^^
This was drawn entirely without the use of an eraser. Why did I decide to do something so stupid for one of my webcomic pages? I have no idea... but enjoy anyhow.

Hm, now that I think of it, I should've put a "Shwoom!" sound effect in there or something... oh well.
Yay for spontanious hints of color! XD

I kind of wanted to put the "The only thing that the after life could have that the earth doesn't..." part in a different panel, but there didn't seem to be any way for that to work. T-T So, sorry if it sounds a bit off.

Besides that, I have no real issues with this page (Except hands, which are always an issue by default.).
Ha, I finally got the text and background to look alright! *Dances* Now I can finally move onto the next page without any regrets.
Thank you so much for the fav! ^^

Unfortunately, that's a font. My real handwriting not only belongs in Hell, but is most likely the Anti-Christ. I was trying to find a font that fit the purposeful off-centered messiness that I drew the comic in, but I guess the one I chose was a bit overboard. As you said, it looks good when it's big, but otherwise, it just overlaps itself too much. I'll try to switch to something a little more readable in chapter one. XD Thank you for telling me an actual opinion of it, I'd been hoping for one for a while.
I love how this turned out. Hopefully I'll be able to keep the quality of the actual comic at about this level, if not higher. The prologue just sort of disappointed me in terms of art.

Anyways, yay for Avi's post-ponytail hair! Normally, when it's not up, it gets a bit poofier than this, but this is usually what it looks like right after he takes it out. Much to the amusement of others.

*Runs from the shadowbox monsters*
Five points to anyone who can guess who Fedora man is now.
"Dude looks like me...except he's a drunken hobo demon thing possibly... Not sure I like that... Cool comic either way, I fav!"

He's not a hobo or a demon. *Shakes fist* He just dresses like one and has absolutely no personal hygine.

And thank you so much for the fav!

"Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaah, o_o Prologue 3 and 4 aren't showing up. ;~;"

o_0 That's weird. It's showing up perfectly fine on mine. Are you sure it's not the server having issues again?
Sorry for the lack of pen shading on this page. I was still figuring out how to do it when I was drawing this. XD So, yeah, that's why it's ugly.