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Illustration student at BYUI. I love drawing, reading, researching, writing, eating, animals, tv, psychology, etc. I don't really hate anything... I am allergic to bananas... that's kinda weird. I can't handle spicy stuff, salt is spicy enough for me --; I'm a chronic procrastinator, but i'm getting better! o.o'
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This is a really awesome comic!
Did you make your donations progress bar yourself?
i was like "was the kid wearing glasses?! oh wait, no he wasn't, it was the other guy. never mind then." hahaha ^^;
I do love drawing otters ^w^

make sure to watch that fly >w>
I may never draw cabbage again... UGH. My hand hurts just thinking about it >.< Anyhoo, these first 5/6 pages were for my Final in Intro to Illustration at school. I have finally decided to post them on the internet as a motivational thing to push me to continueing this thing. Woohoo! And I will probably end up redo-ing these pages... so that there's more of an exposition... *cough* Yay! Let's get truckin!
so far my favorite page! >w<
i love the emotions evoked in this comic! it's been so long since the last time i read a webcomic that actually made my mind race! Great job and great inks! ^w^
oh no @.@ is that the BAD GIRL?! Gaah! *wacks her with a stick*