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I'm a fan of Sonic, Megaman, Pokemon, (ugh, i can go on forever with this list!).
Well, anime too. My favorite chars are:
Protoman (In japan Blues)
Zero (look how epic he is in my avi!)
Miles "Tails" Prower
Shadow The hegehog
My favorite pokemon is Lucario, although I have other favs.
My game room is a trove of many games, and such.
I am very social, so If you'd like to know me, just send a pm.
I am religous, so don't make fun of me for that.
I have many nick-names, but you can call me:
Gold aura (only good friends call me this)
Blues(only good friends call me this as well)
I have many comic ideas, so if you need one, drop a PM!
I LOVE old rock, new rock, some pop, JUST PLEASE NO MILEY CYRUS or JUSTIN BIEBER!
I'm VERY new to spriting and HTML, so help can be great! :D
Thanks for reading.
About mah avi: Whut? Zero thinks he's funny!
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    do i know u?
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I seacond Thunder
Very very epic rant.
Some class mates are like OMG, U GOIN TO SO-SO HOUSE?! LOLOLOLOL LULZ YES!!!!!111!1111!!
No WONDER they suck at english.
With all this texting junk, future society looks bright already! NOT.
Some things never change, Shelia tries to cintreuse guys...
There must be something wrong with Cyndaquil's mind!!!
Say thanks. And hope for da best.
I know, I'm a fan of Tails, so I like Tails Doll as well.
Powers Rangers, stink.
I'd rather drink orange tea mixed with vanilla extract.
(Trust me, i've tried it.)
Why couldn't I've found this earlier?!
It's amazing since i've read this far!
Hey, was Mario melted in the lava?
Oh well... Maybe he might get an arm cannon, or.......