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I love the scrolling system of the other sites, but I miss being able to comment next to a page there.
yaaaaay, an update!
Here's a comic book I followed over to taptastic:
I like being able to flip back through pages, or re-read the whole thing at once without having to wait for each page to load. I have a slow server, and no comic book reader app, so taptastic is on my gratitude list.
LOL, I hate him already. This comic book deserves to be in the scrolling format on .
The scrolling format on that site is faaaaaabulous!
December 12th, 2014
It's fun already . . . robot rebellion, woohoo!
October 23rd, 2014
How can a robot be so lifelike. No wonder he gets confused.
This plot makes me feel like a cat chasing the red dot. I don't really expect to get the red dot, but I can't resist trying.
A bot having to explain to a human that bots don't have emotional relationships ••• I am laughing so hard.
Limp From Laughing. What a pair they are.
On second thought, I think that SM needs a new page with a real full page ad for Earthset (not just a link in the comment section).
I still don't see an obvious link from here to Earthset.

Only 15 of SM fans have +faved Earthset. A notice in the Latest News column here would probably help more SM fans find Earthset.
I don't think I could sleep with a bot in the house either, creepy.
Whew! she's so intense, for a bot.

BTW there is no link from Switch Mechanism to here.
Robot awkwardly attempting to be sexy. <snicker>. Appliances usually break down on me after I give them a "professional cleaning", but maybe the robot's parts are getting metal fatigue, or, his "friend" programmed the robot to act weird. Sometimes I wonder if she's actually a human pretending to be a robot becasue she's kind of surly. Oooooh, the suspense.
The ending is perfect. This long tale of woe really needs a happy ending. It's a surprise ending to me because I always thought they were doomed.

If you have any interest in disambiguating this comic from BL, the word "ass* might not be the best choice for the very last word of the story.
Dade looks more miserable in the dress than he did when he was being tortured.
It's good to see Dade smiling for a change.
Speaking of underwears - I guess male Dade leaves his socks on the floor for female Dade to pick up. That would be 2 weeks worth of dirty socks, piling up . . .
Dade . . . LOL, I just love him.
Gah, the facial expressions are gutting.
Quit making me feel sorry for Ben. :p