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Likes: Manga
Hobbies: Drawing
Occupation: Student
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I was gonna say... but still, amazing drawing and anatomy skills. :D
Atty stole my comment...
Its been so long since I saw Jade's original clothes, I thought she borrowed Jane's cooking outfit. :P

On another note, your "GIF + Manga" style is quite a refreshing mix.
February 9th, 2012
Oh boy, after looking at these drawings, I have to say... I suck :P
Pssh.. exams are over, I've done my trials and now I will have my reckoning. And it seems the proffesor will have his justice served soon enough.
December 10th, 2011
Hehehe.. this comic is completely decorated with drama queens; I love the nosebleeds in the background. :P
This comic is hilarious :P, the sketch style seems to blend quite well into the comic.
A french pronunciation, I assume?
October 24th, 2011
Wow, either you've been gone so long I've forgotten your beautiful artwork or the art has dramatically improved. Welcome back. :D
If only he could do something more intuitive like opening up a pack of cigarettes, asking dragonthing to ember them, and tossing them individually like they were AK-47's.
And another one bit the dust...
I love how you detail each and every one of your backgrounds with such variation and diligence. Oh boy, Atticus is in for it now...
This page seems so Atlantian for some reason... I can't wait to see Sergio's crime fighting +.+
I've heard of stuffing a bra, but what is this? :P
A rush of sound effects just came to my head with this out of character :P
July 18th, 2011
OMGWTFBBQ those bishonen chins... xD

Back to the comic, his delicateness is quite eminent; they really know how to joke in the most elegant way ;D
My response: "Why? Do you need help?"
The sacred end of the forest... probably where the powerful ones nest. How will Atty end this mess :P
Has it really been a month? I wonder what's going on...
This reminds me of the show; most of the time, the protagonists are either surprised or in awe whenever they see a wild pokemon that they've already seen. They also take out their pokedex to find "new" entries. George is just like them... is she the new Ash?
Yes, these are unoriginal and they are mostly derived from MMORPGs. As a follow up to this chart:

-lv10- Rogue
-lv10- Soldier
-lv10- Magi
-lv10- Ranger
-lv10- Rebel

Then there are:
C1 Promotion - lv65 (new skills and branching)
C2 Promotion - lv95 (ability to learn another class's tree, ie: soldier, magi)

-The leveling system is based on mastery of the class or weapon (lv1 = 1% mastery) since it is a virtual reality RPG. Therefore, lv100 is 100% mastery.

-After the C2 Promotion, players can raise their secondary class and do the C1 promotion for it.
(In this process, it is possible for assassins can wield two swords, snipers can enchant their bows with an elemental property, etc.)

-Rebels can only receive the C1 promotion, but that is because their branches are coequal, meaning they can train both from the start and the two can be considered separate trees.