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I like video games, RC cars/planes, and drawing comics. My favorite game is Halo Reach.
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From Bowser100 comes the crazy adventure of Halulz!
After a long break, I'm back!
Jimmy- Metropolis Background.
Happy 50th Comic!
Sonic Reappears.
Well, I needed to use Sonic somehow...
They make a pretty bad entrance...
Starlight zone ripped by Divine Insect.
@NintendoFan64: Thanks!
A new comic
A comic about halo, if you didn't notice...
More Comics!
I see a theme going on here... Do you?
I know it's been awhile since I posted last, so enjoy this comic!
Finally, they've started traveling. But, they may meet some trouble along the way!
Another series
Hopefully, this one will last longer than my usual four-parters. Enjoy!
Back, hopefully...
With all the work I have done, not much time has been spent here. As you can see, I have gotten new sprites for Bowser, so wish me good luck!
Comic Desc.
Bowser finds a portal gun, so who knows what trouble he'll cause with it! It might appear in a later comic, so stay tuned!
Added a little bit of TF2 into the comic for amusement. Anyway, sorry for the long wait!
Comic Desc.
The story upside down, with another button.
Comic Desc.
More Mario and Luigi... And a weird switch!
Comic Desc.
Mario, Luigi, an Emoglobin, and a squishy thing, what will happen next?
Comic Desc.
First comic with an Emoglobin from M&L: Bowser's Inside Story. Also first with a BG floor. Keep Reading!