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Ha~ I wonder what he is thinking ?

=w= thax you for the update
Yapppy ~ to me

finaly I finish this page during this week .. ohhh~ how happy I am TvT ..
i end up haveing lot of tones and remove them all until i end to this one ...

okay .. she blow up the spider , not to bad there is still lot of mystery in the next pages > i will work harder to finish them
Now the troubles has be start and new chara’s show up …

Mmm~ maybe I should draw each chara's profile

so .. what do you think is this good ?.?
God my boy feel really hunger .. haahaa
Ash sound like little kitty isn’t he X3 …

Plz enjoy every one ...

Calm Hearts © *lovelyfantasy
Haa~ they looking for food .. XD

Calm Hearts © *lovelyfantasy
Yaaah new chara’s .. This animal know as Mana “the tiny things that live around us ”.. It came with different appearance … its depend in the place that born in it and the person that’s going to make pact with it too~
So say hi to “Ash” I know I get the name form my niiisan chara


Yaahh finally some other page’s I’m really excited to show it to you ppls .. I hope they are good and makes you enjoy .. TvT until I finished the next pages plz enjoy and I will try my best ..
BUT for now I what to draw some pic's

Calm Hearts © lovelyfantasy
okay i am new here Plz Enjoy your time with my manga
I start to like your comic dear …