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What could I say about myself? I love to make stories, I like how characters that I make become alive and I whant to show them to other people.
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    Kare Reiko
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New cover made for MM site. New one because I wanted to fit style to rest covers theme.
You can read more of My Sins here:
You can read more of "My Sins" here:
August 24th, 2011
Well I don't know if I got right this pants part but I found it funny ^^'. Well almost 50 pages, you done quite great work for it, keep it going ^^.
I'm back, at last until I start summer work that I need to do for my second University. Spirit will be back too, but first I had to fight with color pages that I want to do for this one.
It was really nice comic and I loved to read it. I hope it won't be yours last work :).
March 30th, 2011
Well I want to say that I don't know when I will back to upload more pages in both Sins and Spirit, I just have art pause and can't get throught it, I hope it will be soon, for now I upload new artwork page.
Amazing weapon :) Finish him girl!
March 17th, 2011
I wonder why you add Mature Content to your comic, I don't see anything perverted or something like that in it.
Ok that's last page of this chapter, I want to make cover of naxt chapter in color (and first page too) so it will take me a little time, I hope I will manage to update next week, if not then is two for sure.
Hey all readers, sorry but no new page for both of my comics this week, I have little problems with exams on University and I need to learn then draw, I hope I will able to bring you something more in next week, at last in two weeks from now for sure. Because of that I upload for you little Acrila picture :)
I will post from now from time to time some artwoks too here, I hope you will like them too.
Poor Eevee, that's hard choice...
Oh, tablet działa znów dobrze? Czy po prostu jakoś udało ci się narysować następna stronę po bitwie z nim?
Dobrze widzieć że się nie poddajesz :).
Characters of My Sins and My Spirit wish you nice and warm Christmas.
Characters of My Sins and My Spirit wish you nice and warm Christmas.
Cute page :3
December 12th, 2010
Sorry for delay but my life gone crazy lately X_x. But for few next weeks updates will back to normal.
November 11th, 2010
Hello for all readers, this week I upload 4 pages, do not worry if I next update won't be in this week (but it won't be more then 2 weeks) because I need to sit down and translate next part of pages and I have a really little free time lately (That's why update of My Spirit wasn't show up too lately). 4th chapter was something that I realy wanted to start when I was drawing My Sins, we geting to main story and end with prolouge :).
Great page, looks really funny ;)
September 25th, 2010
Thank you a lot. I'm glad you like it. I really hope that manny people will read this story too but I can't help it ^^', even few is ok for begining.