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A fool of a girl who likes webcomics. Dreams of making her own someday. A fan of Pokemon, high fantasy, and writing about herself in the third person.
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I dunno about everyone else, but I'm actually... kind of curious? I mean, all the Paragon hype... and now Weston accepts his death as "fate", and there was that bright light... makes me wonder if there's something he had to do that he couldn't do alive.

(Edit: 2x Linkpost combo!)
My, Mrs. Pico looks darling! I confess I squealed a little in delight to see her there--Thanks, Ms. Phantom!

In more relevant news, let's not go to Wigglytuff's. 'Tis a silly place.
This is... absolutely beautiful. I can honestly say that I'm stunned. The reflections, the sunset, the lineart on Ken and Pecks... gosh. GOSH
Red mentioned something about "severing" Cakegirl earlier. I thought she just meant killing her, but now I'm not so sure...
Quick, Harold! Use the sharp point of your candy cane!
Another year you haven't been stabbed or poisoned or set on fire--great job!

OH MY GOD *head explodes*
Drake does not appear entirely pleased that his lord has decided to make an appearance.

Apparently... but it seems these two have quite the history. THE PLOT THICKENS

... ....Cory?
As I recall, there were quite a few famous authors and inventors who held this view, refusing to interact with anyone who held a different or opposing viewpoint. They thought that it would clutter their mind and prevent them from honing in on the truth of their idea. Of course, every single one of them was wrong in some glaring way, and if they'd bothered to correspond with others they would have found their errors and improved on their theories.

TL;DR: It's good to listen to other people, Stan! Even if their ideas and way of life are contemptible!
I have to admit, back before we met Petunia I was kind of expecting her to be scary. After all, the boys were so worried about getting a present for her! But it turns out that she's really cute and sweet. <3
February 23rd, 2013
"...where we could see. We killed them all. I (illegible) slowed down (illegible) I cannot slow down. This is what I have become, all in the name of discovery."

You, madame, are responsible for the loss of my mouthful of soda, which rerouted itself (painfully) through my nose

...But Ken is so free
Oh so free
I've read that when people get extremely cold and have used up just about all of their energy to keep themselves warm, they start to get incredibly sleepy and will sometimes lie down in the snow... which usually results in them freezing to death.
I remember in the olden days (when I was but a wee lass) absolutely slaughtering all my enemies with some crazy-leveled Feraligatr or Pikachu or what have you because I didn't bother training other Pokemon.

Then I actually figured out how to play, and for some reason it's only gotten harder from there... but hey. Good memories all around. :I
22 guns for a single man?
This is madness!
Well, Teddy certainly looks cheerful.
That child is dangerous!
...Well he is.

No offense.