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8D;;; No more collaboration requests for now. I'm kinda loaded right now.
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March 18th, 2010
Great art and amazing story. I know you've heard it already, but I just gotta say it. This comic is bad-ass.
October 23rd, 2008
:> This comic is so dang adorable. <3 D: Side-story doit.
DDD8;;; FINALLY I UPDATED. DDDx I'm so sorry Jade. MARCUS ISN'T REALLY A MIND READER AND IS UNBELIEVABLY DENSE. 8|;;; You're gunna have to be bold if you want to let him know how ya feel. ^^;; So yeah, I think my drawings skills are slowly going down the drain... 8D;; ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE CREATORS.

P.S. 8]; Marcus is blushing because he's not really used to this kind of thing. 8D;; In high school, he was just considered a nerd, and didn't really go to any dances.
>o< That's so cute!! <3
March 25th, 2008
<=O D'aw, Jade, don't give up! xDD Marcus is still clueless about EVERYONE'S feelings!
xD;; Really, just tell me if Angie is OOC. C8 She's really fun to draw! <3 And Marcus smiles when he means well, that's why he's smiling I guess. =|;; Maybe he thought Angie wouldn't want to befriend him anymore if he didn't. 8D;; Yeah I dunno.
8|;;; Omg guys, I'm really sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, or commented that much on stuff. School and scholarships are really getting to me. Anyway, this page continues the tuxluv's "INFECTED!" page. 8];; I apologize if I made Angie and Kurt terribly OOC.
^o^ No no, keep this up! My two pages actually connect with this! <3 =[ Aw, I hope you come back on soon! <33
^o^ She finally knows! 8D;;; D'aw, I was going to continue your "Infested" thing, but it took me a really long time to draw it out because I keep getting distracted. xDD;; Well, with your permission, would it be alright with you if I post it? It's two pages long. ^^ And I hope Marcus is up for a tuxedo!
Marcus: .__.;; *shiver*
^o^ That's really awesome! *_* Theo and Liz look really cute! 8D That's really nice of magicherry! <33
8D! She's so vibrant and colorful! ^^ And cute little Koi is in the basket! Gret job!<3
8D Jaayydeen! *hugs* ^^ Happy Easter! Cute bunny!
8D Awww! In the end, it all worked out! <33333
xDD Pfft, Jayden you're very manly. I'm serious! =D I'm glad he still has the courage to ask her even after that trip! <33
=[ Stop toning so magically. *hearts*
Aww! Poor Angie! >O Marcus you meanie. *finger waggle* =] Don't worry, once Marcus is mad at something, he doesn't stay like that for long. ^^ I love your art! <3
xDDD *dies* Jayden is just adorably awesome!! YOU CAN DO IT JAYDEN. *fist-pump* =D <3
xDDD LOL. That's so awesome.