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I am just a comic artist from Minnesota who was born in Puerto Rico.
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    Rev. Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz
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I love how shy she seems in spite of that impressive musculature. This one is so fun.
Ninja kitties are deadly killing machines of cute. Next time Kitteh, add some rubber bands for a bleach dyed suit.
Yes, they do. And they don't care if it's cold because it looks exquisite. Not that I would know such things.
Tee hee hee! It has been said that the Gods must be crazy. This is a perfect example of how this may be true, at least for creators. LOL!
That almost reads like a suicide note. :(
There are no winners in war.
@NitztheBloody: So they are basically like marine mammals who are forced to perform at a sea park, correct? Unless their brainwashing breaks and go postal, these sentient beings perform like puppets in spite of their feelings about it to avoid greater suffering, correct?
@SPG: I second this.
CONVENIENT!?! That collective is just enraging.
Elise's giving an eff quotient has gone down to 0%.
Ignore tropes and just write a good story. This is an incident in an individual existance, not a quota.
I am still stunned that you are not drawing this Marius. Jessie is doing amazing work here.
The stylistic similarities are stunning.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pin-up. :D
Suddenly the curse is starting to sound less like a curse, and more like a comforting lie to hide something far worse.
@Puneeco: God I missed this comic and you. SO nice to be reading it again. :D
This guys is absolutely terrifying...
Based on the fact that he's wearing a gas mask, I can't imagine this ending well.