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    leader of the great ice cream clan
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I thought megaman had only taken out 2 minor joes and one major joe
crazy bombman from another universe:why are you so crazy?
@ The_mad_one: but you said he hated nachos.
his eyes are changing colour too
To Dave:

if you could have a dog what would you name him?
i think B
bubbles are their weakness
i had two cookie's
mine name is not there
heat man is going to get OWNED!!!
July 10th, 2010
are you a wolf or a wolf person?
if the cataclysm will happen who will start it? it can not be zero because now he is good guy why would he kill everyone?
in bass legends will the cataclysm ever happen? Answer me already this is the third time i have asked this question. THE THIRD!!!
June 24th, 2010
repeating my last question in bass legends will the cataclysm ever happen
June 21st, 2010
In Bass Legends will the cactalysm ever happen?