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Eh.. ah.. erm.. hi.
Eeee! Kenneth's face in the first panel!! And I'm wondering how long it takes to make each page. There's just so much detail!
EEEEE! I just love these two xD. But I have a feeling Kenneth is going to say or do something that'll make Beth angry and this whole fluffy mood will vanish. Good job, Kenneth. I can just feel it coming on.
Haha! I love Beth's frown in the last panel XD
Alright, it's official. Kenneth is my favorite character now XD
I flipping love these two xD. And the short answers could drive anyone insane. Poor Beth is trying to start a conversation and Kenneth keeps shooting her down. xD
Wooooow. Beautiful page. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE CHAPTER!!. Oh and.. I really wanna touch Lizzie's hair ouo.. it looks so ..floofy.
Bahaha! XD this is great! Just when I thought Tim couldn't get any cuter. Iggy can't deny him now xD
That first panel is beeeeeeautiful! I just love how you draw the folds and wrinkles in clothing >W<
Wooooooooooah *u* Amazing art. And you write better than I do by a mile xD I thoght it was a font at first glance.
Woooow~ That's gorgeous o^o