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Gad Damn! so sorry! I can't seem to keep up with my updates lately! I've been getting a chunk of paid work so my priorities lay with the money. 'cause America.
They say that smell is the sense most closely related to our memories.
jello! I just got done doing art for money! Thus the lack of updates but I got Money! so now I'll go back to doing art for free.
Okay so here's the thing. I have another project in the works and I wanted to be finished with by the end of this year... and it's august now so I need to get my focus on. I'll still be updating this comic when I can but its going to be more like every other week.

Thank you to the the few fans that have been sticking with me. I'm all about quality over quantity.
jello! long time no see. sorry for the momentary disappearing act. short story is I ran out of ink. Long story I use a fancy brush pen that uses little ink cartridges and, of course, my little town doesn't have a local place that sells said ink cartridges. So I had to order them online.

But since everyone is out Pokemon go-ing I'm hoping that not to many of you noticed my tardyiness...
so this is the best most accurately drawn background in my entire artistic career. I am super into it.
Sorry, I'm late. It's summer and I like to be outside instead of indoors staring at a computer screen. Thank you to Arison and vango for weighting in on my color conundrum. Your input is much appreciated!
Ya, I know. super late. I disappeared into the woods like a Sasquatch for my birthday so I didn't really have access to a computer for a bit and it doesn't help that coloring is already the most time consuming thing about the page process. Tell me does the color enhance the story telling for you, the viewer? I think it set the mood little better then just the tones. I don't know, probably just up my own ass right now...

anyways, I'll be updating again this week on Wednesday to make up for my tardiness as usual.

and yes Madeline, Samuel is super cute. I think he is only going cuter...he is already one of those characters that i have no control over.
whelp 10 o'clock on monday is still monday right? coloring is still new and i just haven't figured out a fair estimate of the time it takes. But i will get there.
bonus make up comic!! I'm getting this whole coloring thing figured out so updates should be on schedule for now.
i know i'm bad and I missed an update. shame shame. But to make up for it I will have a second update on Wednesday this week.
i'm late! sorry for the slightly late update this week. As other MTG nerds know "Shadows over Innistrad" came out this week so it was card games all weekend for me.
i colored again!
so i got bored this week and decided to color a page if only to remind myself why I do not color. It's not easy. neither is writing. i keep hearing the cinema sins guy in my head when I'm adding in speech bubbles. this week is the horrible horror movie trope where the hero asks "who's there.". I'm adding a dollar to the cliche jar now....
ew 27 days without an update?! icky... i am quite ashamed and beg for forgiveness. I have recently acquired a copy of photoshop cs5 and i have been completely involved in new paintings. bad excuse i know but it's soooo goood. anyways, i did spend some time on comix so updates will continue as per regular-like
hooray! love the art and the fact that I haven't seen a single line of dialogue yet. I always enjoy seeing art that can carry the storyline by itself.
happy Thursday!!
so, I just plain old didn't update last Thursday so this is what was supposed to be last weeks comic.
sorry for the the small lapse in updates. the holidays kinda took me by surprise. But I'm back and excited to going with some new stuff.
I know this is finished but i faved it anyway just because i think it was awesome. beautiful art and symbolism through out. i really enjoyed.