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I like to write and I like to pair my sweet ass up with Ayame Fataru. She's my lover...naw I wish. She's my friend (I'm not allowed to say best). Slave Labor said we make a good team.

Doopie doo, I am an archaeologist by trade but I really would just like to be a famous writer because, frankly, I am tired of pretending I am creative enough to decide what a bone fragment really is. They can't all be scrapers.

Um I like all sorts of things...but killing people is my favourite.
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favourite part of this page
Cat and Calli... cutest ever. I enjoy the subtle lean in and the way he's sitting.
this comic makes me smile
oh noes
I kept thinking they would be used as ransom or leverage or something at some point...but the uncle to me would seem happy to get rid of five (six) mouths to feed. He didn't seem fond of any of them, even his son. I imagine him rolling in all the money he's saving.

And the father is about at the same level of uncaring. I just don't see anyone wanting them back.

It just seems the opening to the most awkward hostage situation ever if that were the case. "WE HAVE YOUR DAUGHTERS (and Pifo)!" "Eh...ok?"

Unless their mom is still alive and the true, real, 100% correct Balthasar? BUMBUMBUM!

But super sad. I guess there'd have to be drama at some point.... but pout, I like silly drama.
To Whit
I like how god damn sexy you are
This comic is really really pretty and the characters are quite adorable!
Just another fan
I've become such a fan in the past week or so reading this. It's so cute and funny!
too bad it's hilarious so you know I won't :3
@fortheluvof: yes yes it is and I am sure whit will fix it "“The Kingdom won’t trust another owl; we’ve become villains,” Eun sighed sadly, “Too cunning for our own good.”"
commenting back n' stoof
@Aravis: As far as I know, which I am not amazing at the Gaelic, it's Ew-n, that is how my linguistics professor said it so I am going with that. It means literally bird but is often used as a substitute for owl, chicken, pelican...or basically any of the aves taxonomy. I just couldn't bring myself to call her comhachag gheal which is the actual word for snowy owl... too many words and then if you had asked me how to pronounce that I'd have cried.

Anywho thanks again guys for every thing.

Also, we love fan art... just in case you're ever bored and feeling inspired.
And so she speaks
Whitney, have I reminded you lately that I love you? Oh I mean that I love our fans? Hehe, thanks guys for reading!

@contego: Look at that face, you know he's thinking about about video games. :3