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His shivers made me giggle lol
But such pretty gibberish it is lol
How can such a douche bag tentacle man be so good looking?? *-*
April 2nd, 2011
What a sleeze-ball! >:C
Poor Marigold...
Aaw, I like the opossum. He's cute.
goodness i didn't know he was so afraid of opossoms..
I really do love that wolf. X)
my school's nurse is never where she's supposed to be either lol
tropic storm in the burgs?
pfft rofl
nice touch. X)
you know, this reminds me of Howl's Moving Castle. I love it!
he knows how to make an exit. lol i love him already. ^_^
his hair and eyes are so pretty...! <3
and i have a bad feeling. -_- lol

that dog is bigger then i thought.
god i <3 Ren. X3
this is like V for Vendetta, Max Paine, and Alice in Wonderland all mixed into one! God I love this! X3 <3