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September 30th, 2012
Ya know, Gail went against 2 muggers and didn't get a scratch.
November 14th, 2010
I sense a montage!
After the interlude a while back, I cannot muster any sympathy for Amber, and this just shows she's even less right for the hero job than ever. Gail woulda been great at it if she wasn't eeeevil.
Well, maybe she's fairly invincible like Max. But really, how stupid is she? I have a rule for that kind of situation. Don't piss off the girl with superpowers. She tried to fight Gail twice. Did she think there'd be a different outcome? She was knocked out (possibly killed) by her own stupidity.
Never learns
Marisol really needs to stop being so direct about taking Gail's powers. Gail broke her hold the last time with 2 fingers.
Gail should just take her ring and be done with it.