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hey. i do what i do when i do it. i like what i like because i like it. and i'm too lazy to elaborate. lol.

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    Krio Lynn
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screw straight lines. X3
my new favorite? if he lasts...f
can you say no to that face? i can't.
it reminds me of dora >.>
third king...yes :D
well that's nifty...
that looks just a bit painful
very carefully. just because he lost his mind (literally) again (lol) doesn't mean he won't slip back into habits and kill you...or he might not. who knows?
his face in the last panel immediately mad eme think 'bitch, the fuck you doin in my alley?'
he seems to have no problem doing it dear girl...
just thought you may have wanted my opinion. Cause, you know, it's pretty important lol
does his mug say i love alcohol?
i wannnaaaa~ and i wannnttt~~
i felt the first panel should say "le sigh" cause of the way he looks lol
...just ignore me lol
that look, i know that look. it's the 'oh am i' look. ohhhhh....
he's there because he's a nice person! er- dragon! no matter how much he wants to deny it.
both girl's faces in htat last panel.... loved it lol
as far as you know anyway....

but i'm looking foreward to any interaction between the two of them :3
i never get over his hair ...>.>
whoo! missed this so much.
also, an event? such as a party or ball? seems so very interesting...>:)