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Remember SFC7, more specifically, KER? She wasn't in the preview page, but she was mentioned.
Well, I'm nervous on sending e-mails...

I'll just send a private message.
Hey, I want to say thanks again for putting Quad in your comic... this showed me that I'm deeply impressed that Quad would make it... granted, he never really showed his superb swimming skills... but nontheless, I'm happy you put him in. Thank you very much.
Oh yes, the first comic strip fan character, and he's already made final 5!

I can't believe Quad made it this far! Thanks a million for adding him in!
(chuckles) Amusing to see Bucky here...

Sixth panel... I bet Bucky did put up a pretty good fight... but he's probably lying about the other parts...
I have to smile a bit at this comic... I'm just glad that Quad was put in the comic all together. He does supply some good humor, like the Get Fuzzy people.
Well, this has got to be the most hilarious comic yet...
Yeah... Quad should know about eating foods that can be disgusting... he knows Bucky and his weird habits of wanting to eat odd foods that shouldn't exist.
Guess now I know what type of water Quad wouldn't like to swim in anytime soon...

(smiles a bit) You're doing really good with Quad so far. I'm surprised he made it this far.
Quad usually LIKES dogs... but I guess with Wrecker, I can make an exception...
Whoot, the Scottish gets his first confessional! I was getting kinda worried!
You know, I'm beginning to realize why you asked about 'how Quad would react to a dog on his tribe'.

Other than that, this is a good tribe Quad is in.
(smirks) Thanks again for including Quad in your story!

Also, he has a short temper? (pause) I don't quite remember putting that in... but who am I to complain... as long as he has his accent and his multiple languages, I'm good.

I'm kinda glad you didn't include him in the preview, I guess you didn't want to spoil Quad right away.
Uh, wow... an all female cast in the first cast release so far...
Hey, this is getting good so far... I hope my character's role is very prominent!
I don't want Joe to go yet... he needs to get a better placing!
YAY! Al's gone... he was being too jerkish anyway...
Violet, I think you win these is because you're good... you're just good.
Awesome on the teams making merge! Here's the merge...

Al- 6
Amy- 5
Beth- 6
Bitsy- 7
Charlie- 6
Craig- 6
Gatemaster- 8
Hogan- 8
Joe- 8
Kala- 9
Lucky- 7
Maria- 6
Mary- 5
Minerva- 5
Norman- 10
Popper- 10
Sin- 7
Vinnie- 8
Violet- 9

Winner Prediction: Here's hoping... it's Joe!

BTW, how's auditioning for SFC7 going?
To be honest, I thought Mary would last a bit longer than this... but reading your explanation, yeah, that's not very Mary like...