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Previously, I was a member here for about 2 years. Unfortunately, certain events happened here that caused my reputation to be tainted, irritate me to delete my account, and give me reasons why I hate Smackjeeves...

One year later, I noticed that most of the problems I faced here are either no longer problems, or just gone. Also, I happened to notice how wonderful the site layout is now (a blue theme is definitely better than a red theme for the new SJ)! Seeing all the new changes to the web site that caused me problems, I couldn't help but give this place a second chance!

Now I'm going to start almost from scratch and hopefully receive more benefits instead of add more problems!

~Description written on March 11, 2010~
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Is it just me, or do the text boxes look different?
It's fitting that GEEBS castle is ripped by a certain psychopath of a Koopa.

So, I guess that's the last we see of him, huh?
Well! It's actually a pleasant surprise to see E-Man making a cameo here! Nice reference to by old signature!
Well played, Lord Enigma!
You do realize that if an apocalypse happens, you'll perish along with everything else, right?
Well, I hope you're not disappointed by the lack of an apocalypse.
You mean that one that was on Saturday? If that's so, then why am I still typing?
With Ocarina of Time 3D just around the corner, I'm afraid to imagine what the Great Fairy would look like in better graphics...
Wow... That owl has to be super annoying to make Link jump off a mountain that is almost impossible to climb back up again.
@ Warrior55k
Well, since Wart was the final boss in SMB2, you could be onto something.
Wow... Talk about confusing, G.B.A... Well, by the next comic, I think things will be in order!
This is starting to get interesting, G.B.A! Now we have two antagonists to deal with!
March 24th, 2011
Oh! You have a Deviant ART account?
Huh! Ganon is looking rather chipper today in your avatar, Lord Enigma!
What an exciting antagonist you created there, G.B.A!
Well, that's more graphical than the original battle!
March 15th, 2011
You're welcome! I wish I did a lot more on this web site, but I'm having way too much fun on Deviant Art...
Hero Guy...
All you do is just make the Saturday morning cartoon heroes look serious... But that's why we love you!
Whoa... I didn't see that coming! I had a hunch that the Mimi G.B.A was with isn't real, but the fact that she isn't real to begin with and G.B.A's old girlfriend is actually a witch caught me off guard! ........ And to think that I was the master of plot twists!
Boo's Mansion, huh? Well, I'm not surprised that BM is the cause of one of your problems, G.B.A. That place has been going downhill, but that's another story.

By the way, since Mimi is here again (or possibly some Mimi doubleganger), are you going to make her fat again?