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I feel like the world has just momentarily righted itself. It was weird going without .gemini for as long as we did.

As always, I love Alda's expressions. I also feel kinda bad for Skip; he seems like a genuinely nice guy who's very easy to love/hate and just doesn't know it.

What button is Alda pressing? A door? Or does the red color forebode an anger-induced mistake?
I laughed out loud the entire time I read this.

"I wonder who does his hair?" Priceless.
So happy to see .gemini's tales returning to the interweb.

I need to watch more cowboy bebop. I told you I own the whole series, right? I just don't like that the voiceovers don't match the subtitles (the hearing-challenged lament of all things animated).

I like that you're continuing to mesh humor abd Alda's alternately adult and juvenile concerns with the difficulty of rivalry. It encourages the reader to both laugh and take a step back to think. Good art. Alda's expressions, as always, are delightful.
I have a special place in my heart for every Ou'vali strip...he's one of my favorites. Your characterization of him allows for delicious and dry humor, and even funnier with the captain. It's like biscotti...good by itself, made better with coffee.

That's a mighty pointy finger from the captain in the last one with a distantly peculiar shading that gives it a mildly manly shape. He's certainly asserting his anger and frustration.

This storyline is letting you really build the characters - I'm reeeally excited to keep seeing the characters' progressions, as well as the ship itself.
I didn't see the book title explaining your comment until the 3rd read-through. I want to read that book. Write it.

I really like the 3rd panel, with the contrast of the brighter, stronger lines atop the subtle background. Looks good.

I also love Gribniff.

I also have no idea why it looks like Alda has his arm around Captain Douchewaffle poonannyhead.
*sigh* So nice to see the return of .gemini.

Keyes' face in the second panel is so very perfect. I dig the way the ship is spread across two panels.
This is going to be the funniest storyline ever.

I totally see the seagal and duke nukem look. Smoochin' contest? Woooow

Nice. i really liked the view in the first panel, looking down from above. Captain's look in the last panel is really well-done, too, classic.
I couldn't stop laughing after I saw Skip. This is going to be a great episode!

(Why the all-green eyes in the first panel?)
this is pretty freaking sweet
I think you nailed the captain's chair too (and I dig the unis).

Ou'vali is so cool.

I'm excited to see more of the ship - a good setting is a character unto itself.
Oh, Dr. Krugg.

Nick, I think you need to make sure a discussion of space boogers appears sometime in the future...

Nice job, Justin! Looks good, great humor!
The receiver/talkee thing turned out really well; I like the fuzzy effects too.

I admit I had the same difficulty as Chris, though I see it better now that you've explained it. I had thought, perhaps, that the Captain's de-piggification had undergone some complications.

Glad to see Na'Siik joining the crew. He's got some serious badassery.
I think it's just the second (the big robot being the first).

My favorite part is the shadowed figure of Na'Siik shooting the evil master. I also like the flames extending from the bottom frame to the top.

Nicely done. How does Na'Siik survive?
Love the way Steele's hair is above the frame in each one that features her prominently.

I was a little shocked when I saw her eyes though! Pretty cool.

Alda looks so hilarious. Nice to see some more crew members again.
Looks good! Lines look pretty crisp to me, frames well-shaped, and the colors are attractive.

Na'Siik is so BA.

And the living in the present moment nod is pretty sweet.
hahaha seeing Gribniff's face made me laugh out loud!

Poor captain. Part of me wants him to retain a touch of pigginess just for the sheer amusement.

I can't really tell what happened for the 'dramatic entrance', though. Other than that, loved it.
...I'll take the low"

(forgot to include that in my first message)
Took me a moment, too, Annie, though I kinda read through it like I would sit through a quick-moving action scene in a movie - on the edge of my seat and eager to see what happens next!

I like the showdown windiness affecting Na'Siik's appendage-y (?) hair, as well as the total calm of Na'Siik's movement. I'm pretty excited to see the showdown.

Again, nailed the captain's facial expressions, though he looks like a jerk pushing that poor pig over the edge in the 2nd frame.

I'm curious to know which frame with Steele was the one that gave you trouble when we talked last week, because they turned out well.

I think it's cool when you have the characters jump out of the frame a little bit (the second one with Na'Siik's coils edging over the frame).

Nice job!
Noooo! Don't sacrifice yourself, Na Si'ik (sp?)!

I really like the Captain's expressions. They're always so on-point.

Nice plotbuilding!
Looks really good, and it's nice to see the crew back in action. I like that you did more closeups on the characters, let's me see some facial characteristics I didn't notice before (for example, that glint in Na'Siik's eyes).

Excited to see the next one!