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reading, Gaming, other stuff i can't think of, being anti-social
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Nii: Politely (shocking, right?) ask about the gift from the Dragon Pateau

Flaurence: secretly steal your hat back.
I never thought being brief would allow someone to get a few minutes of someone's time like that.
It's a shame to see this end. Still, for a single comic going on three and a half years and gaining no money for its creator (for the obvious reasons), I think it's fine that he's decided to end it. At least Rentorian didn't go into another story arc only to completely lose intrest, scrap whathe started, and switched it out with a different ending.

Can't wait to see your next comic!
Repeat Meep God

Flaurence> Secretly take hat back and start making a random potion.
Command> Flaurence> Secretly steal your hat back.
Command> Everyone> Continue to Dragon Plateau.
January 23rd, 2011
Don't worry about how long it takes to make your amazing artwork. Quality over quantity as I always say.
Flaurence>make a healing potion

everyone> continue to dragon plateau
It's a name though. You could slap any number of letters together and, as long as you can pronounce it, it can be a name.
Hot damn, I never knew Nin had hammerspace.

All> Continue to Dragon Plateau.
Flaurence> Make a random potion. Whichever one is up to you.
Flopsy II> If the tank can match the speed of the cart, run along side it so as not to overburden the Mrvvt.
Flopsy the Second kind of looks like the pirahna from Insaniquarium.

>Nii>Eat the rice out of one of your bowls, fill it with water, and put Flopsy II in it.

EDIT: >All>Continue to Dragon Plateu.
I second Solara and Enigma
I recognise that blurred sprite!! It's---*shot*

...Nnnn, that green girl with the gun needs better aim...
January 7th, 2011
Eleventh post!!! *brick'd*
Damaru fought well, but in the end got owned.

And toasters not only toast milk, but bake muffins!
It's always interesting to watch dual swordmen fighting.
Heatman used Flame Tackle!

Critical hit! It's super effective!

Also, I'd like to point out that you're 6 fans away from having 1k fans! Go DHK!
EDIT: As of this post that is.
^ I agree with this
Nii: eat all of the rice out of a bowl, quickly clean the bowl, and give the empty bowl to Nin

command Nin: fill the bowl with water and put Flopsy in it

command Flaurence: Make a potion. Which one is up to you.

EDIT: All: continue to Dragon Plateau