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Signed up to comment on the awesome content that this place holds.
I am not nearly as talented as the writers and artists that produce the comics that you see, so please do not hold your breath lest your face turn blue, and you pass out, hitting your head on the corner of some object. For if you do, I will be subject to fits of giggles, as I have given you fair warning.
If you want to chat, I am sure that there is some form of PMing. Ping me if you want my MSN.
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This is the beginning that was the End
I am not 100% sure how I feel about where we are right now...
Is that Oscar?
They are a long way from Dog River.
Peter. DUDE! You had ONE job. Get your shit together.
Love this playlist!
I love everything about this one! Also glad to see Matthew Good on this list. Saw him live at the Fredericton Playhouse the last time he was in town. PHENOMENAL performance!
My two cents
I can see where Peter is coming from. I once had a roommate who ghosted me, and screwed me over for my rent 1 week before it was due, and no time to find a new roommate to help cover it. I was furious. I don't blame Peter one bit.
Should he tell people where Patrick is living and give out his phone number/email address/address? No. But if Patrick has given Peter that info (which I highly doubt as they just reconnected 20 minutes ago) then really, Patrick should have waited for Peter to agree not to give it out before he gave it out (which I highly doubt that he did).
I know that I am not the only one but...
Page 2080, 2nd panel, top left corner!

Looks like he got clean. This pleases me. I know he was a crotchety dick at times, but I have been following this comic for a goodly while, and you never want to see anyone fall down that path.

Lastly, congrats on the anniversary. Looks like I am still in the running though. I bet that it would last a lifetime.
@Leesil11, I cannot confirm or deny
Yet I want to scream it from the rooftops.
Even if it makes me look completely insane.
Surely though, the truth will be revealed soon enough.
Earlier this book, there was a "did you see it moment" that Mr. Twist mentioned. He said not to ruin it for anyone else if we were to guess it. I did not post my guess. Nor will I now. But dammit. I really want to, and I am 90% certain that I am right. IF I AM, then I suspect that this person Peter is running into is in fact the very same person that we see on page 2080.... I really want to say who I think it is.
Could it really be...
There’s something about that one right... there...
Hell Yeah
Tom Waits
The Cure
Honestly all of it.
This is one hell of a playlist. I'm in.
Being a student, and it being the end of term, I’m sorry I couldn’t order it.
Fortunately my next loan instalment will be out soon, and once Strange Adventures gets their copies in, I can swoop in and support you and them with one easy payment.
Cheers from Fredericton my dude.
And I remember Hengelo
It would seem to me
I remember every single fucking thing I know.

I love The Tragically Hip. I’m so glad you added them.
Is it just me, or is a certain author making this trip alongside Peter?
It says:
I have a sneaking suspicion that Christo is not actually leaving.
To Alcohol! The cause of... and solution to... all of life's problems.
Gods Dammit People.
Do you want the comment section to be removed again?
Devil’s Advocate...
Dude, they totally 100% “boinked.”