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Signed up to comment on the awesome content that this place holds.
I am not nearly as talented as the writers and artists that produce the comics that you see, so please do not hold your breath lest your face turn blue, and you pass out, hitting your head on the corner of some object. For if you do, I will be subject to fits of giggles, as I have given you fair warning.
If you want to chat, I am sure that there is some form of PMing. Ping me if you want my MSN.
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To Alcohol! The cause of... and solution to... all of life's problems.
Gods Dammit People.
Do you want the comment section to be removed again?
Devil’s Advocate...
Dude, they totally 100% “boinked.”
Got it in one.
Knowing what I know about this comic, and it's writer, I would say that you are correct.
Just doing my annual re-read
I just have to say, that donkey-punch though.
Mmmm... Donairs...

Just had one last night for supper.
Island eh...
I can only think of 2 islands that it could be based off of. But only one that is referred to as The Island.
Look here! Welcome back everyone!
I couldn't agree more. I often have the same conversation woth friends (repeating conversations, not this conversation). The fact that conversation is not exactly the same makes it more real.
It will continue to kill us until Monday... Oh Gibson, you and your brilliant cliffhangers.
Today is a great day...
Not only is it beautiful out, but I received a package. The T-Shirt fits great, I am almost done the book and, I have a new and wonderful new Pin affixed to my vest. Excellent.
Panel 5
This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you draw Contentment.

The above sentence may, or may not, be the proper use of the word "Contentment." But I am sure you get the point.

I am not, in any way qualified to speak on Mr. Twist's behalf. HOWEVER, as a FAN, I think it s safe to say, that if you have EVER read his comments, you would know that he holds his fans in the HIGHEST regard.
@Gibson Twist:
Just dropping a line to Mr. Twist. You rock. Your story rocks. The characters you created rock. AND I can't wait till the next update. I'll be here. You know why? Because this is the BEST damned comic out here.
Oh and a BIG sarcastic "thank you" to the people who who ruined my day... Don't go trying to turn it around and say that it is not your fault, you little pot stirrers. You know what you did.

WOW! I did it. I blew off some steam without saying a single swear word.That is BITCHN'!! FUCK YEAH!
I think it is fair for me to say that I am not going anywhere.
A request if I may...
@Gibson Twist: God Sir Twist, if it is at all possible, I was hoping to get an avatar made of the image of me on - 4.13 DRIVEN HOME 19. I apologize for not sending this request via email.
Hey look. There I am. I was not expecting another appearance, but I am really glad to be there.
Wheat Kings
One of my favorite songs by the Hip. I present to you a Video Link:

I would definitely recommend looking up the meaning to this song. It is a good story.

Sorry that it is a fanmade Video, but nit the worst one there. There is no official Vid. The live one is not that bad.