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I like: watching anime, online comics, having sexual fantasies about Nephrite from Sailormoon, reading and writing fantasy books, cosplay, cats, drawing, Renaissance Faires, SCA, Medieval history, my daughter
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Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thank you!!!!
September 27th, 2012
Yes! talent! Also, Happy Birthday!
September 20th, 2012
Nice drawing, Kunz *snort*
Good to have you back, Frizz! Btw, Lunacy is great!
LOVE love love Panels 3 and 4. So cute that Kunz can't change back. And I was confused for a sec at first, thinking that was Saphhir instead of Mamoru :P
Definitely have to see Kunzite's reaction face for this. I bet he'll fall in love with her too.
AHHHHH!!! So cute! I hope nothing is wrong with Minako's heart... say yes say yes say yes!
cute... she doesn't see stars, she sees baby chicks... and I'm wondering about that heart speculation myself
GAH need to see more!
Wait... there are two bad guys now? I somehow missed that...
wtf... did the bad guy just get handcuffed by Shine Aqua Illusion? ACK more pages nao
Dammit, why are they always after every girl's heart?

More please?
I'm guessing he's referring to Kunzite? I'm so lost not knowing this character... but that's the fun, it all looks so original to me! I wonder whatever happened to Beryl...
Way to go, Frizz! This comic is seriously starting to look totally professional. Like you could publish it as your own manga someday. Definitely loving it!
Looking way badass here! And here's hoping to Mondays :P
sabao? am I missing something?
Love the transitional colors in this one! Whoa badass Minako to oh... woops, Minako...
Agree with Zer0 on this one. And fantastic! I love it when Minako decides to be badass :)
oh noes! don't chop her head off
You can always join us on Facebook, Starmie! As one of Frizzy's most obsessed (non-crazy) fans, I made him a 4KH fan page on FB and check for updates very often.