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Is this thing on?

*tap tap tap*

I am not at all sure what I am looking at, but some of your Feb'12 drawings are just gorgeous. Very lush, but at the same time they're airy. Interesting combo. (no, I am not talking about the drawing above, but I couldn't leave a comment on the other)
wait, what???? Tell me you're not leaving it here. Pretty please?
have faith!
@aindriahhn... rolkran keeps surprising us with something new. He's like Jesus or a really bad movie villain or maybe a bunny... I don't know... but, when you least expect it, you find a new comic!
I wish I could be half the woman that Penny is. She's my hero!
Oh, the suspense!!!!
Looks like trouble for our plucky heroine.
Yay! Penny still kicks ass. And now I know Alex's name. SO excited!
Regard the measuring cup. It is spacious!

(you guys are funny. It's not a penny comic, but it is still entertaining.)
je suis de spoint! (that's archaic french for something or other. I forget what)
it's official. I now hate office supplies.
no birfday comic. *sniffle*

new year's?
does it log me out??? Why? It is MY birthday. Me. Your loyal fan.
:: taps her toes and tries not to look impatient ::
I am doing it! I am printing right now, and making it into a little christmas ornament, just to see if anyone notices.