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Lets see, im a tattoo artist/musician. My hobbies include photography, writing and fashion design. I read A LOT in my spare time, by that i mean my room is completely trashed and filled with books. its actually quite frightening.. currently studying art in university, but i plan on opening my own Tattoo Shop in Mexico with the help of my uncle.
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ok i have to say something here..
first why is hoshi the victim? he got drunk off his ass and cheated on tsuki, then PUSHED himself onto taiyou. so we know he has a record of being an idiot while drunk. and the only reason taiyou is acting like this is b cuz he liked hoshi. but has no one realized hes taking the blame the same way a rape victim would?? hes in denial of the truth and thinks its his fault when its NOT. i like hoshi and all but hes still the bad guy in this situation.
Sex was great but iw ould really love to get on witht he story XD im a forever fan no matter what tho! <333
He does sound like a creeper XD but i also kinda like this possible pairing.
=D i normally read this over on drunkduck but i think its easier for me to follow here on smackjeeves. so thank you! lurv ur comic! <333
WELCOME BACK!cant wait to see updates again =D
oh noes the drama >.<

omg i totally thott the notice was real for a minute there but reading the comments reminded me wut the date was XD
oh dear gods, plz tell me james snaps out of his denial, rips off steins clothes and jumps his ass XD

i feel like his manager is gonna burst in and punch him for not being out on stage lol >.<
Hurray!! im tingling in anticipation XD

Katcoo13.. 10? really? like no bs?
yea i had to buy my mom her own laptop cuz she wouldnt get off my comp.
what is it with moms and facebook?
Haru better control those sparkles before the girls see and tackle him XD
my guess is the dream makes him think hes the uke, so now hes gonna freak out thinking Haru is trying to jump him whenever he sees him XD
"There may be some rocks" <-- LOL i almost died laughing. XD
AH! an update! hurray for being back:D
and lol your animation was so funny XD