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Djoing secretly enjoys the frog suit. :3
September 9th, 2013
Not a monster but an idiot.
Already voted there. Dont worry guys, you got my vote. :3
Van confirmed for Season 2 and 3 and 4 and iUnno lawl.
D-Reaper Muscle Man Thing (?) owns them all. :D
That D-Reaper...
Moar shipping. :3
Charlie snaped. Poor Prime Ape. :P
Ok I guess my tip was some sort of spoiler. Sorry guise. :I
Way better font guys. :3

Oh you came across the cannons. Good, good.
In an alternate universe, Gennai kicked the shit out of every D-Reaper agent that crossed his deadly Fists of Steel.
Meanwhile elsewhere, Ankh was too slow.
You will die, no seriously I was kidding.


Hahaha I got you there. :3

Still not convienced eh?

How about espana el euros el espanol?
Last panel reminds me on Drawn Together. :3
Awwww Nate is in love. :3
Ah yes Skull Man. Easy boss. Have fun you two. :3
Welcome bacl Breaker. And I think everyone can beat Dregan in that. ;)