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Fan of book series Harry Potter and movie Alvin and the Chipmunks! Also watch Survivor on occasion!
Ah, so it's Snow White, My Little Pony and Daria... I'm guessing Sid's from Daria as well.
Is that a Tetris square? And a Kid Icarus pig?

Wonder how THAT will go...
Didn't Oehda compete at Reward? How did you not catch that mistake in editing?
All right, congrats to [[spoilers]] winning... yeah, kidding I know it's...


Anyway, thanks for having Wrecker Dog cameo in the season... I hope to see more of his antics if you're planning on having him cameo in the next season!

So, what are the reasons you selected your winner and your runner up?
You guys are probably never going to read this, but I confirmed with SWSU Master that Wrecker is not going to be in SFC10! He asked me, but I turned it down!
Well... well...
Looks like Wrecker Dog has a home in this webcomic... you may say he knows a good time to "wreck" moments...

Seriously though, I'm glad to see you're using Wrecker in the webcomic... I realize it's mostly for jokes, but I would like to see Wrecker as a recurring character...

If it's all right with you, you're free to use Wrecker anytime you want. (Well, you've already used him so many times, but his timings were so comedic, and I would LOVE to see him outside his own world where his archnemesis Mighty Mouse lives... Speaking of, I have a weird feeling that sometime, Mighty Mouse may make an appearance to stop Wrecker's wrecking at some point...

Well, I better stop before I keep rambling. Love to see more of Wrecker and your webcomic!
Well, Wrecker may not have won... but I'm satisfied that he made an impact in this season.

Not bad for a character I made up a month before you selected him.
Am I allowed to vote for my own character?
On Day 39...

Wrecker Dog finds a way of wrecking the shelter!

Holy cow... I didn't think Wrecker would be able to make the finals! I'm impressed, I signed up with him thinking he'd be leaving as soon as he wrecked a few things...

But this... this is actually pretty good!

Wrecker's dream of nuking Hawaii may come closer to being true... but I doubt that would happen.
HERE HE COMES TO WRECK THE WAY... right into the finals!

I'm really feeling honored that my character is amongst finalists... I don't think he'll win, but I'm impressed he made it far.
Hooray for Wrecker Dog!
Okay... this is going to be fun tomorrow.
(smirks) FINALLY! I was waiting for a shelter to be wrecked.

Now I'm completely satisfied. Wrecker has wrecked the day!
Wrecking balls, cranes, bombs, dynamite... Wrecker loves his wrecking!

And thanks for reminding everyone that he's a Mighty Mouse fan character... in case people forgotten.
Kind of out of character for Wrecker being disgusted... then again, he is a villain with goals, and I'm pretty sure that even his own days can be wrecked. So that's easily forgiveable.

Good to see Ho'Aku finally winning one. Which is good, because I was starting to get bored of Corsona winning. No offense.

I'm really glad I created Wrecker and seeing him get chosen for this season right now... he's doing what he does best when ruining people's day.
Typical of Wrecker to like the explosives... he is a villainous destruction worker, after all.

Yeah, that does sound like Wrecker...


That's his phrase.