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Once there were 3 little pigs who lived n a low-rent apartment n Quebec. 1 day, the pigs were going 2 buy some milk when they met a man n a red coat who offered 2 sell them a bag of magic meatballs. The pigs didn't have any money, however, so they traded the youngest pig 2 the man, who had ham 4 dinner everyday 4 the rest of his life, until he died n a freak knitting accident. The pigs took the meatballs home and placed them n the closet. However, the 2nd-oldest pig became hungry n the middle of the night and ended up eating them. The next morning, a giant cornstalk sprouted out of the pig's mouth, killing him. The eldest pig climbed the giant cornstalk and found that it led 2 a castle made entirely of cheese. Inside the castle, the pig met a giant skunk who asked him if he had a cigar. The pig said no, and the skunk suddenly became highly agitated. He then asked the pig 4 a glass of milk, and the pig obliged with the milk he had bought earlier. But when the skunk noticed that it was skim milk, he stabbed the pig with a shiv. When the pig's landlord heard that they were all dead, he sold their apartment 2 a family of kangaroos 4 62 cents.

They were never heard from again.
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I'd sooner want to remember William Henry Harrison. At least he didn't do anything wrong.
O god, what did it do? The suspense is killing me!
LOL Game Boy
Their names are Kill and Murder; chances are somebody was gonna die.
It kind of looks like an origami chair. Do you just sit in it?
Of course! Future bear is a GENIUS!
Oh. I never even realized that you didn't live in America; I just seem to assume that everybody lives here. Damn Americans!
Funny enough, it was originally a book, so Hollywood is still batting zero.
Isn't it obvious? Turtles and ducks are polar opposites of each other.
Not nearly as much as "green" and "controversial", though.
BeepBop could defeat them with his (their?) sheer creepiness alone!
No, Gus; I AM your father!
She's cute, but totally badass.

I. FREAKING. LOVE. IT. Thank u, Pumpkinheadkid, 4 bringing life 2 my Pippa fantasies.

Uh, not, ahem, that I have fantasies about comic book characters. . .
It's probably a side effect from listening 2 all of the screaming in Hell
Pshaw! The best Pokemon is MUNCHLAX 'cuz he's short and pudgy! :D
I still am, I just don't leave comments much anymore
U mean people don't normally do that?
He's suffering from a very common ailment called "Skyrim-itis"
At the very least, we know that Ronnie will b cool 1 day. . .as soon as he stops making out with robots.