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Nesa-chan Mei
freak....nerd.....jerk.....all this in one person said my friends about me or they call me Cow that is what i am

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much work
i cant said you how much sorry am i, i didnt submit any page for really long
i have many exams and stress life at school right now and not so much time to draw pages
and that is not all few files in that i was working on new pages and this file get missed i didnt find them in my computer so i need to find the sketch on paper and redraw them i hope i will be able to sumit more in need future
info about characters liek this page will be submited after the character first time appear in teh story C:
here the main hero
well sorry
sorry i am submit the next page so super late but well i was away for one weak and than i have few problems at home and aat school so is little bit stress
teh next update will be when i will have time sorry

all coments are welcome
if you see there any mistakes plz let me know than i can edit it thank you
Nesa-chan Mei
September 10th, 2010
sorry i let you so loong waiting for this page
but school was in way, now i can work on next page ^^

btw i have one question is ok if there will be only 1page per week ?? i try to update as much as possible

all coments are very welcome
hey again
well first page i was hard working in and i hope you like it
after this i think i start hating books *drawing them*

why did i give him that job ...........naa commnets are very welcome as always hope you enjoy the reading ^^

Mid-ster @ aaww thank you i can try to change the font but i cant promise anything the original was much biger than this

octopus @ there is alredy someone that edit it for my, this is edited version(i am still studing english)
finally finished
hey readers, fans
today i finally finished the chapter 1 picture i am sorry it is only this much but it took me the whole day ehh i am slow worker

comments are welcome again
so hey everyone who find this story and who get intirsted sorry about my last story i stoped but well

this story is for me like new begining for this year and i really needed a new start C:

i will submit pages as i feel to there is no time plan so sorry if i dont submit so often it depend on my mood at most

for start i have finished only the cover but i will work on next pages all comments are verw welcome ^u^

cliffi@ thank you, if you like them you will se them often, this story is full of them C:
hehe i like him
so funny >3<