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Korin the Blue Fox
WOOT. Been gone for a while, and I am allmost back! (Oh no lock your doors. XD)

Expect me back in about a week.
Edit: Yes, it has been two years. I am probobly not coming back. Shut up.
EditEdit: Yeah I am most definitely not going back to sprite comics. You guys got me through middle school really well. Thank you so much to all my old friends.
Holy Crap
This is still going
I never would have guessed xD

Nice job
Dear God I thought this was still going
But then I saw the last update and I laughed because I am not the only one xD

I love these chart things.

I like how you drew Vexx in the last panel. Wow, he must have been doing this for a while to be this good at doing... well... everything. XD
Beware indeed. XD

Actualy, im pretty impressed too. Very well done, enough said. XP

Keep it up!
Well, concidering that Pokemon dont have too many schools around, it seems like an adventurer is the only job anyone can do that gets good income in the pokemon world. XD

But yeah, how long HAS he been a pokemon?
Oh dear I am going to have nightmares

Looked at some of the comics, pretty good. Fav+
Once again, one ticked off Piplup. Whats wrong with him? :/
Well I guess Rattatatas are pretty much rats, and rats go search for food wherever it is... makes sense I guess.
I realy need to see that Bulbasaur start yelling:
Or something along those lines. XD

Looks like they have two or three more falls untill they get to the others.

And that is one fast BUlbasaur for those puny legs.
Just read your comic!

First off, insta fav+ since its mystery dungeon. XP

Second, I like how you added the whole events before you turned into a Pokemon, allthough the storm thing and letting go was not there, I guess you can't make everything the same because then you might as well play the game again insted of read this. XP

Can't wait to see whats next! Keep it up!
Oh no. Here comes his partner. XD
Probobly. XD

Funny comic, he better find out how to use water gun fast though. XD
Oh! Oh! Spyro spotlight! XP

I think I get it, its kinda a flashback thing?
I can't tell if what I see is looking above the cave or beside the cave. XD

Halarious darkness text.
Ok, just wondering. Twas' a burning question in my mind.
Ooh! Fun!
I can't dray to terribly well, but ill try my hand at it. Sounds like fun! XP
I dunt think many people know about this comic :/ I only know because I knew you from author roomates.