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Hello! My name is Margie!

I'm just on here to read comics for now

My icon's from Nodame Cantabile, I love that manga
(I love classical music too)

I put my deviantart up there for "my website" but I'm a newbie on it, here's my youtube too although it's just favorites
you do add double letters a lot you know XD
I blame it on the English language--words are rarely spelled simply so then you get into the habit of over-correcting and spelling words more complicated than they actually are! (though English is useful for expressing many complex ideas so maybe it is redeemed ;P)

oh and er great page! *hasn't read it all yet* >.>
awesome drawing, Luca looks serene and even confident here!
I'm interested in religion too but I can't say that I follow a specific one. I sometimes say that I follow universal spirituality. Anyway, it's fascinating to add that aspect to your characters :)
Thanks for the reply!
Yeah, it's a shame because it's much more exciting than American football, basketball, and baseball, in my opinion. And yes, actually there was a lot of interest in the World Cup this year--I was surprised to hear many people talking about it.(I wasn't aware of the previous world cups, personally) However, I've never seen someone watch any other soccer/football than the World Cup--it's hard to find on tv (although its easy to find it on telemundo lol XD (a latino/spanish-language channel). Lol, aw, I like England--but I have to admit your football/soccer team wasn't good (at least this year). I mean, the players were skilled and whatnot but weren't a good team together, I think.
I was rooting for England because I like the country in general, lol. Nah, you guys have lots of good points :)
Besides that, I am so happy Spain won! <3 It is strange, I thought I hated watching sports :D. But it is amazing the uniting feeling and joy that a country goes through when their team wins--I saw photos of crowds, of tens of thousands of people, cheering for their team in city squares/parks, and I thought it was amazing. The atmosphere in Spain I read was especially incredible since there are so many political divisions/regional nationalist groups, and that even flying the national flag in some regions causes anger. It's great that winning the world cup can help bring a country together, that a sport can have that effect, I hope it's not only a surface thing T_T

Hm, is is annoying to write this much in your comments? I guess I am too excited XD
...and then he calls him Luca. Aw, that's sweet somehow :) (he knew all this time though?!)
yay update :) and I agree, supertangerine!

I have to say, that's amazing about memorizing those US presidents O.O; (not to mention it being called awesome) I'm guessing most people here don't know half that much
nooo why decline Luca?
... I was watching the world cupÂ… >.>


I was rooting for England T_T
(though I'm American XD)

(You might know this, but I'm referring to the England/Algeria game--it was 0:0, and apparently it was supposed to be easy for England to win =_= lol)

it's odd for me to watch the WC in the first place actually, nobody watches it here really.
don't worry I'm sure people knew what you meant XD
Your art is really impressive actually, better than that in most mangas I've read to be honest! It's just less stylized and formulaic and more sketchy. I like it that way though :)

oh, and I must bring to your attention: "nice a nice boy" in the 4th panel-- maybe you should change that ^^ lol
pfft lol I was thinking the same thing about Mr Lovett-- it's adorable tho XD
no problem XD <3
I love this story! :)
I'm so curious to see what happens next!
Thank you for uploading it!