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im a chilean ,IM LAZY!! 8D i like to read webcomics
i love the lesbo action , & sometimes i comment in old post when im bored XD

& yeah im the real artistafrustrado from deviant art :P
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    alvaro artistafrustrado oyarte
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oh well it has to end someday, i guess :/

actually i got lost a ong time ago with the large amount of side stories XD
don't you love when your plan goes in a totally different & instead weakening the killer robot you made it even more badass & dangerous? XD

...well i don't but is fun to watch XD
Hey! how not to read & enjoy your comic?! besides well written & drawn you did what i always wanted to do in the games: BURN THAT F*CKING FOREST!!!
ahahaha i love how honest can be Metal Sonic sometimes XD
i know i have heard that alt text somewhere else but if i say from where i did, everyone will know i watch that ...& about my addiction to Know your meme xD
wait why are those waddle doos there? they werent before entering the game room didn't they? O.O
well the lone adventures' point is to prove oneself beat its own limits & stuff like that

..also happy late bday :D
i think atty needs to slay more pkmns to get rid of her ...BURN THE TOWN & STEAL ALL THE MONEH!!!

...well still shorter than the goku vs frieza's 5min fight, but istill a heck of a long day XD
oh well at least he could finally get rid of the annoying girl
well technically the pkmn battles is all about trying to kill the others pkmn xD
well at least it wll e a lot easier to leav the dang forest xD
@VaughnWG: lol ,thanks for clearing :D
for the caek's description of her BF i was actually thinking in solid snake i realised snake never had a mother xD
ohhh what a coinciidence ,who would have tough that would happen </sarcasm>

...also Caek forgot her pills again ,and black box changed it's text cuz is trying to look fancy you silly pointman text box xD
dregan you evil genderbending dragon guy! xD

seth looks better as a girl xD ,yet i like his male clothes :3
woah that dude has serius issues with the need of a rival xD
maybe Vas can't read but he's smart enough to ruin all your plans in no time xD
ahahahahahahaha Leo really knows how to transaform a brilliant plan into a very awkward moment xDD
poor vas that's gotta hurt his selfsteem xD

if the tails are there ...shard would be back? the horror!! xD