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Haha is there anything Mina's not a fan of? ;p
September 26th, 2010
Happy bday! Don't gorge yourself too much on cake and ice cream ;p
Very nice cover page, nice touch adding Earth's symbol to Endymion-sama's poker chip <3 Happy anniversary Friz keep up the awesome work!

P.S. I find it funny that today's password is bubbles because my daughter and I were outside blowin bubbles earlier and havin fun watchin our dogs chase the bubbles as they flew free lol
Promise of the Rose
hmmm i wonder if those flowers can be used to make fieldmouse pudding not sure what kind of flower it is so i can't rly tell if they're the edible kind or not. if they're not careful that beautiful room of theirs might produce the groups favorite floral-mind alternating-host turning-desceptional enemy.
Keep up the good work, I'm so in love with your story I've always loved the Shintenou and was disappointed when they didn't come back in the anime like they did in the comic. You've really done a great job^^

P.S. 4KH is my favorite Sailor Moon related comic by far ;D
<3 the 'slam' sounded like Diamande slipped and hit his head on the table lol keep up the awesome work! I vote for 1/week as good as your work is its worth it plus I too would go crazy waitin so long for my next hit of FKH ;p